How to use

Before use

Names of parts

Icons and indicators

Using the strap

Viewfinder adjustment

Driving in the camera

Prepare the camera

Charging the battery pack

Inserting a memory card (sold separately)

Setting the language, date and time

Confirmation of the operating method

Confirmation of the operating method


Shooting still images / movies

Selecting a shooting mode

Using shooting functions

Using zoom

Using the flash

Selecting a screen display mode

Selecting the size of still images / image quality

Focus adjustment

Adjustment of exposure

Selecting a driving mode (Continuous Shooting / Self-timer)

Take a picture of yourself by monitoring the screen

Selection of ISO sensitivity

Correct the brightness or contrast

Adjustment of color shades

Selecting an effect mode

Recording movies

Customize shooting features for convenient use

Setting the other functions of this product

He is watching

Viewing still images

Delete images

Movie playback

Viewing panoramic images


Using display functions

Viewing images on a TV

Change settings

Configuration menu

Using the Wi-Fi features

Connecting this product and a smartphone

Check this product using a smartphone

Transferring images to a smartphone

Transferring images to a computer

Transferring images to a TV

Change the settings of the Wi-Fi features

Adding applications to the product

PlayMemories Camera Apps

Installation of applications

Starting the applications

Manage applications

Display on computer

Recommended computer environment

Using the software

Connecting this product and a computer

Creating a movie disc

Precautions / This product


Cleaning of this product

Number of recordable still images and recordable time of movies

Using this product abroad

Other information

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