Wednesday , June 23 2021

Here’s how to create your sexy maid costume

For me, Halloween costumes are always a pain in the back and I usually do not think about it until the day before, so I put something together, especially with the things I have in my closet. I'm pretty frugal this way, and I'm also just a lazy mom. For example, last year I was FLOTUS – the day he wore a FLOTUS hat, a buttoned blue shirt and black jeans. A year ago, a half-dollar Superwoman (using my son's pajama shirt).

I clearly need my game. This year, seeing that I finally do not have three boys for whom I am responsible for the costumes and the endless school "parties" to prepare, I thought about getting into the spirit and making fun of some liberals (especially Alyssa Milano, my favorite) and I make a sexy dandy costume. So imagine my joy when a company of costumes comes out!

Like all good things, it did not last. While our Brad Slager covered (in the appropriate name of Handmaid & # 39; s Fail), Yandy was fired by the feminists and pulled the costume. The irony is probably lost on each one of them.

Do not worry. If, like some unnamed RedState contributors, you've promised your significant other a sexy bridesmaid costume, or if you really wanted that costume, I've scoured the internet for you and will share how you can be empowered! and create your costume.

Now when it comes to costumes there are two schools of thought. One is to buy everything as cheaply as possible and know that you will probably use it only once. The other is to get items that you can use throughout the year, so stretch your clothing budget. I will cover both and will try to stay under $ 64.95 plus shipping / handling costs that Yandy would charge (shoes and hose – but who wears them? – not included).

Necessary items: red mini dress (or skirt / t-shirt combo), red dress / cape, cap and black heels.


If you're going with the frugal version, these dresses from Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe (strapless or tight-fitting) fit the bill: they're all under $ 20.

These dresses, from Kohl & # 39; s and Nordstrom, were a bit more expensive, but they probably were worth it:

Robe & Bonnet:

Easy: buy the tunic and hat "Handmaid & # 39; s Tale" with an official license of Spirit Halloween. They do not provide anything to wear underneath, anyway. You can also take a red devil cape from your local festive city and purchase a pilgrim hat.


These, from DSW, are slightly different from those worn by the Yandy model, but will be useful for the whole winter.

Here it is! Do not be like me – order your costumes soon!

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