Friday , August 6 2021

How it’s done. (For each place and floor)

How it's done. (For each place and floor)
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  1. What did you used in “the number 2”?

  2. I don’t believe you. Come here and show me.

  3. /r/restofthefuckingowl

  4. Nobody is going to comment on that thumb?

  5. Need to do this. My minivan looks like Jaba the Hut lives in it.

  6. Glad to help?

  7. can you do this on the roof/cloth near mirrors? mine are so gross from doing my makeup in the car

  8. So first make a mess. Second spray a thing from a thing. Third wipe off the seat? Fourth vacuum the seat? Five hold up thumb?

  9. I thought your username was ‘willbleach’ and I thought, huh, how appropriate.

  10. “How to clean a car” by Mr Obvious McObviousness except he didn’t describe any of it, leaving folk perplexed about why he bothered.

  11. Got a link to the cleaning product?

  12. Thank you, I need to do the same with my car, but every time I try to clean like this, I always find an halo on my seats..

  13. Thank you for the advices!

  14. What vacuum did you use for 4?

  15. Make sure when you vacuum like #4 that you lift up on the final pass.

  16. Are you the singer will beach?

  17. Thats it.

  18. Elbow grease was the answer this whole time. Who would of thought that.

  19. Step 1: leather seats

    Step 2: take care of them


  20. ItsMajorObviousNow

    1. Dirty chair
    2. Spray chair
    3. Wipe chair
    4. Vacuum chair
    5. Thumb chair

  21. Step 1 : Stare at it for awhile, so the stains feel intimidated

  22. Is that one of those water balloon filling bottles?? At my job we use them instead of regular spray bottles for cleaning.

  23. eh, I’m having troubles stretching underwear over the seats so I can clean them

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