Thursday , December 3 2020

How to accessorize a floral dress (it’s the easiest and most difficult thing)

    Jennifer Behr hair band (affordable option here), Celine sunglasses, cupcake and cashmere dress, Zara Heels (similar high-end version here, version available here), Vintage Chanel Bag

Jennifer Behr's band (Economic option Here), Celine Sunglasses, Cupcakes and Cashmere Dress, Zara Heels (similar high-end version here, economic version here), Vintage Chanel Bag

Here's the thing about floral dresses: they're both some of the easiest items to use because the print itself is an accessory, but also some of the most difficult things to wear. The line between raised and over-the-top is particularly thin with any strong print, and even an additional jewel can be the right thing to push it over the limit. When G and I went out for a mid-week dinner, in one of our favorite restaurants, Vernetti, I wore a cupcake and cashmere dress from our autumn collection and felt like I had finally broken the code of the accessory . The addition of some pieces, all of the same color, a velvet headband, sunglasses, nails and heels, brought her from a simple casual office to a dress that I'd be happy to wear for any appointment .


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