Wednesday , July 28 2021

How to apply | Volunteer Games Tokyo 2020

Game volunteers must apply via the website

Confirm before applying

Recommended browser environment

Personal computer, smartphone, tablet

Browser OS
Firefox Windows 7 or later, macOS
Chrome Windows 7 or later, macOS
Android 5.0 or higher
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11 or later, Windows 10 or later
board Windows 10 or later
Safari macOS, iOS9 or later

※ Note that the use of other browsers can cause problems when viewing pages.

Information requested on the application form

When applying, please complete the following items.

Elements Details
STEP 1 Name, gender, date of birth, special requirements or support, etc.
STEP 2 Address, contact details, contact details in case of emergency, etc.
STEP3 Volunteer experience, education and / or job details
STEP4 Previous experience in foreign languages ​​and / or sport, possession of driving license, etc.
STEP 5 Preferred type of voluntary activity (period, number of days, category of volunteers), etc.
STEP6 Accept to comply with all relevant regulations and accept the privacy statement

Also, please read in advance the dedicated pages below if you have a preference for a specialized volunteer category / role and / or if you have a favorite place for the orientation session.

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