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How to believe in yourself when it seems that no one else does it

When critics question your dreams, it may seem like a battle "me against the world". As human beings, we are wired with the desire to adapt – to be supported by our peers – and that is why the lack of it may seem like a life or death situation in our brains.

If you have experienced the feeling that others do not believe in you, you are in good company. Many exceptional visionaries have endured criticism and waste, and if other great dreamers and leaders have succeeded despite their doubters, then you can do it too.

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Start with these three strategies:

1. Question the story "nobody believes".

Nobody believes in me or in my dreams. It's really true? You can know for sure that nobody on this planet do you believe in you?

Sometimes the easiest way to overcome a problem is to question it: you could only realize that it was never a real problem in the first place. Instead, it was a self-created belief. Broad generalizations such as "none" and "all" are common, but rarely true.

To question the old story that "nobody believes in me", look for the counter-evidence: have you ever had a teacher or mentor who has had time to help you? Maybe a friend or colleague who supported you? Are there people you have not met and who could gather behind you, given the opportunity to meet you? Who believes in you that you forgot?

You do not need everyone, or even the majority of people, to believe in you. Only a few people involved in a lawsuit are sufficient to create a huge impact.

2. Decide and try it for yourself.

Look in the mirror and say, I trust you. How does it feel? If it does not resonate with you or it seems embarrassing to you, then the real problem may not be that others believe in you; the real problem could be what you believe in yourself.

Just telling someone to "believe in yourself" does not work automatically. So, how do you convince someone to believe? While it may require a deeper and more intense work to let go of the old limiting beliefs, sometimes the solution is simple: make a decision and confirm it with evidence.

If you say to yourself, I decided to believe in myself, can have a more powerful meaning than simple saying, I believe in myselfwhich may not be true. Indicate aloud and choose which one has a stronger effect for you.

The second part is where the magic happens. Become an investigator and find out because believe in yourself: what are your talents? What did you do? When did you act in spite of fear? Tally all the victories you've experienced in the past, no matter how small, and to preserve celebrating your victories. You will begin to support and strengthen your self-esteem.

3. Develops the ability to influence.

Though they were true that no one believes in you, there is no reason why the case should remain. People's doubts are not always a reflection of you; sometimes it just means that they are not convinced … yet. You did not show them because they should believe in you.

As well as we are are you communicating your value to others? You are?

One of the most powerful things you can do is to act. When the world recognizes it you believe in yourself, try others and yourself that you are worthy of being supported.

While actions speak louder than words, words are still vital to convince others. Some of the most important life skills you can learn are those of influence and persuasion, and a simple and effective way to gain the trust of others is to share your big "why": why do you have your dreams? What is driving you? Why are you so busy with your passion?

When people feel your heart and your commitment – not only through your words, but also through your essence and your actions – you can transfer the belief that you have in yourself to others. It can potentially transform your most dubious singers into your greatest supporters, and this creates a cycle of reinforcement in which their faith now feeds your conviction.

And it all started by making a decision to believe in yourself when you felt like nobody else.

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