Monday , June 14 2021

How to buy gender-neutral clothing

Find brands that carry a wide range of sizes

Large retailers such as Zara, H & M and Abercrombie have introduced gender-neutral ranges in recent years, with varying degrees of success. But a big problem with the retailer's approach is that transgender and non-compliant people still have to deal with the very limited size range of XS-XL. Many smaller brands are working to fill these gaps.

Brands like Kirrin Finch, Premme, VEEA, Radimo, FLAVNT and Big Bud Press produce stylish dresses that fit a wider range of body types. And knowing that many of these brands are run by people who do not respect the rules of the genre, it makes the difference when it comes to wearability and customer service.

The process of constructing a more affirmative gender wardrobe is exactly this: a process. Incorporating pieces one at a time into your existing collection will help you learn how to shape yourself in a way that does not seem overwhelming as a complete overhaul, and looking at brands created by people who do not respect gender will ease the pain of never seeing you reflected at the fashion.

Tip: become creative by cutting, sewing and patching existing clothes to experiment with new styles!

Find stores that have gender neutral connecting rooms

Neutral-style shops are few and far from each other, but as the conversation about the genre evolves in mainstream media, it seems that more and more companies, from Wildfang to Target, are implementing policies to ensure that customers are trans and non-conforming gender feel welcome. For people who have been forced to feel uncomfortable in gender dressing rooms, these changes in politics eliminate the stress of having to choose a dressing room and having to intervene.

Get customized and altered clothing

Sometimes we find clothes that we really love, but we need to make adjustments to fit them properly – especially when it comes to formal wear. Carrying altered clothes can be a costly process and finding a tailor who includes trans experiences, bodies and gender dysphoria can seem to find a needle in a haystack.

Rae Tutera from Bindle & Keep, the tailor-made Brooklyn tailor who intentionally created a cozy space for all genres and bodies, faced many challenges in finding formal clothes before starting the company. "The basic problem is when people try to find a suit, they find hypermasc and hyperfemme silhouettes.The clothes are not the most complicated item, so there's a lot you can really change in terms of design. goes in traditional clothes, small changes like the length of the jacket and the functional pockets can make a big difference. "Tutera notes that defining what" masc "and" femme "means in terms of a client is essential, and that gender is not a problem to be solved, but it is simply a matter of "honoring what there is" beyond the desires of every single person.

For those who have problems with alterations, Tutera suggests bringing visual aids to demonstrate the style, appearance and measurements that they are looking for. Do not be afraid to bring pictures of celebrities with you! And if you do not care to measure yourself with a tailor, ask a family member or friend to take your measurements at home and bring them with you for reference.

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