Tuesday , June 15 2021

How to contribute to the DADI network


The beautiful glass Raspberry Pis is just the beginning of the DADI network, chosen to prove it lowercase the devices used in relatively small numbers have the muscle to power our new vision for the Internet. So, where do we go beyond the Founding Nodes?

Our strategy to resize the DADI network is threefold: dedicated devices that we create as plug-and-play contributors (such as the Founding Node), applications we develop to connect existing home machines (laptops, mobile phones, game consoles) and partnership with companies that already manufactures products with unused capacity that we use daily.

Let's start with the first one. The Founding Node is a great example of a turnkey product & # 39; you cancel, enter, register and start earning DICE chips from that moment. Even if we never put the basic devices on sale, we are working on other similar products that you can buy.

Subsequently are the desktop applications for macOS and Windows, in addition to the app for iOS and Android, followed by the development of other devices, including game consoles. Each will bring new opportunities to earn DICE tokens for devices you already own. We will update our roadmap in due time with the delivery dates for each of these.

The steps required in each case will be as simple as possible:

1) Buy a device or download an app

2) Purchase the $ 5,000 DICE entry test

3) On board through my.dadi.cloud

4) Start earning coins

You can start this process right away – see dice.cloud/contribute for details on how to pre-register for the contribution and where to buy tokens.

Beyond that, our planned partnerships will bring the network further. Here, as you can imagine, there is a huge potential for installing DADI technology on machines ranging from speakers connected to smart TVs, to name just a couple.

We will announce on this front in due course, but if you do not read it already, our article on the reinvention of the house as a data center will be a food for thought.

But let's get back to the moment. Our network is already active and feeds our real client projects. Our Founding Nodes will be integrated from the end of the month and we will see them for the next wave of network contributors.

Be ready and we all share the richness of the new Internet.

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