How to crush in the kitchen (and optimize your health!)



The diet industry is worth over $ 66 BILLION and benefits from our insecurities, our personal doubts and lack of nutrition education. We have successfully created a generation and a society that do not know how to feed their bodies or cook bomb food in the kitchen. New for macro? Know almost anything about cooking or nutrition?

Think about this as the latest welcome package for your best. We will guide you on how to clean and refuel your fridge, freezer and pantry, talk about our favorite cooking utensils and basic food items and teach you all about how to fill your home with explosive food.

For the newest to nutrition, we cover the basics of macro and food tracking and open the way to help you find freedom through food. Not sure how much to eat or do you need to learn to keep track of food? We understood. Do you need to raise your mail on your hydration game, pre-workout food routine, or just learn how to build more good meals? Inspo on how to plan meals for the week or turn the planned meals into macro? We also cover that.

C & # 39; is page after page of tips and tricks on how to travel and track like a professional, basic advice to help balance hormones, how to get your cake and eat it even during weddings, or how to continue working towards goals, but still enjoy a drink on occasion.

If you are a newcomer in the kitchen, do not look any further: we fully cover tips and tricks on how to crush your kitchen stage and churn out tasty meats, vegetables and masterly meals. Not a fan of excessive time in the kitchen? We too, that's why we go into details about the art of 50 Minute Meal Prep.

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