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How to design a small living room

Living in a small space is never easy. Along with little or no storage space, you're often stuck with the daunting task of figuring out how to organize furniture in a living room that's tight due to lack of square footage.

Fortunately, we know some experienced space designer friends for help. We have contacted four different small space enthusiasts for advice on how to design a functional living room when you do not work with a lot of space and here's what they had to say.

1. Rethink your coffee table

"In small spaces it is important to design a multifunctional living room, since often a small apartment in the city lacks a traditional breakfast room, I will look for a coffee table to serve the double, selecting a slightly higher table, about 25 cm high, you have a surface that is a good height to dine while sitting on the sofa. A sectional sofa in the corner can be a space saver and also create the feeling of banquette seats when paired with a table with a higher height pedestal. it's having tables to put together instead of a coffee table so that more people can pull up a table to eat or drink. "

– MA Allen, MA Allen Interiors

2. Know the basics

"I spent my twenties working for the best designers in New York City, so I not only had to find creative solutions for my living room in the Lower East Side, but I was usually contacted to help my friends with the Their small spaces If you've ever been a twenty year old in New York, you know these spaces can be lowercase! Here are some short and sweet ideas to organize the furniture in a super small living room:

  1. Use wall shelves for vertical storage.
  2. Fill the space with a large section to fill the room (it will actually create the room feel larger!).
  3. Keep the walls bright and bright and use the mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space.
  4. Try a neutral and / or monochromatic color palette for your walls and larger furniture, then add color and texture with the smallest details such as cushions, throws and curtains.
  5. Buy baskets! In a small space, everything is open. Use elegant baskets to attractively hide your stuff from normal sight. "

-Betsy Berry, B. Berry Interiors

3. Hug your eyes in layers

"Here is a little trick I use for my little personal apartments in New York! Put a pair of glasses on one side and on the other side of your living room sofa: this will give you incredible storage and a great height. place your tables in front of the pair of ether to forge a chic layered look that gives you plenty of space for books, photos and trinkets. "

-Lindsey Coral Harper, Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors

4. Make it multi-purpose

"When possible, incorporate furniture that can serve multiple purposes: for example, consider poufs and stools not only as decorative accents, but also additional seating that can be stored under a coffee table or a console, second, when space is a commodity, embracing wall-mounted luminaires instead of lamps that are on the floor or on furniture, so the environment should not be sacrificed. Third, be bold and paint the dark-ceilinged room, finished and everything. It's amazing how big a room is. You can feel when the transitions from ceilings to walls are reduced to a minimum. If mirrors and curtains are part of your furniture equation, go vertical. Hang these elements more in taller than usual it will make the ceilings even higher in a compact room. "

-Jean Liu, Jean Liu Design

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