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How to find a new (-to-you) Hobby as a Grown-Up

Every day you go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch Netflix, go to bed. Or go to work, go to happy hour, go home, order seamlessly, watch Netflix, go to bed. Or go to work, pick up the kids, cook the dinner, put the children to bed, turn on Netflix and faint. Whatever your daily routine, it's likely that there is not a lot of creative "timing" programmed into your days.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend most of them five hours a day of free time watching television (almost three hours a day) and less than 20 minutes each on other activities, such as reading, socializing, doing physical activity and relaxing in the old, and women spend much less free time on men. But making the most of this time and developing hobbies is important: they feed parts of ourselves that do not work in the workplace and at home, from the promotion of social connections to the expansion of knowledge, and have been scientifically proven to improve your mood and decrease stress. Not to mention hobbies, whether it's a long-term project or a few hours of leisure, they're fun.

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try it

Take the time to explore the idea of ​​your new hobby before throwing yourself (and your money) into it. If you're thinking about joining a sports league but you're not ready to commit, go to the park and watch a game, do you want to join them? If you are thinking of making bread, go to your local bookstore or bookstore and have a look at some bread cookbooks: are you excited to read recipes? If you want to try painting, buy a small watercolor palette before investing in an expensive set of oil paints. Immerse yourself in a new hobby and if you find that it is not right for you, switch to another idea.

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Can you have a knot? You can make this necklace

Can you have a knot? You can make this necklace
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Take a look around the house (or Etsy purchase history) to the things you like to buy for yourself. Could you do these things for yourself? If your home is overflowing with plants, consider the idea of ​​taking a pottery course and making your planters. If you can not stop buying scented candles, try to create yours (and then give them to your friends, who will remain super impressed). If you're drinking a beer while you're reading this, why not start preparing yours? A hobby can be a long-term investment, but it does not have to be a permanent commitment: a simple project can be a lot of fun and will often lead to something more.

Call a friend

Being motivated to find time for a new hobby can be difficult, but it is easier to have a friend who is responsible and often more fun to do things with another person. If there is a dance class you wanted to try but you felt too shy to go alone, ask a friend to sign up. If you want to do more excursions but feel nervous going into the woods alone because you are a reasonable person who does not start in the woods alone, organize a day trip with a friend. If you want to learn a new language but do not want to be the oldest person in the classroom, bring a friend: you can be the oldest people in the classroom. The best part of doing a hobby with someone else is that you get to share the pleasure of the activity, and maybe even have a drink later.

Join the Cookbook Club Foodbook!

Join the Cookbook Club Foodbook!

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Join the Food52 Baking Club!

Hobby with a purpose

Some hobbies are just for fun, but some hobbies can also serve another purpose. Maybe you want to get stronger, or maybe you want to find inner peace. Maybe you want to develop your attention to detail, or maybe you want to release all your pent up energy. Or maybe you want to spend your free time giving back to your community in some way. There's a hobby for that … and any part of yourself that you want to work on. From kickboxing to gardening, from puzzles to volunteering, there are many ways to spend 45 minutes a day getting yourself a little better.

What do you do for a hobby? Let us know in the comments!


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