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How to keep writing – The Writing Cooperative

I wanted to talk about something specific that has to do with our ability as writers to continue.

I see that many writers have published articles every day. These articles seem to present new ideas, new concepts and a different perspective. The question is: how do they continually do this?

Somehow they continue to work, day after day.

Well, if you really pay attention to details, you'll notice some things. Speaking from experience, I know the types of things that help me write another article after we have not really felt at the height.

First of all, there's one thing you should do once you start writing.

Find your niche

The first thing you need to be able to identify as a writer is a center of attention.

More specifically, what do you want to write? What ticks you, makes you turn on or makes you want to scream?

Identifying a primary niche will allow you to write A lot of articles.

Often, when I hit a dry spell in which I seemed to remain without ideas, I tend to return to my niche. This involves relationships or encouraging people to overcome difficulties.

Being able to return to a specific topic, it becomes easier to start writing again.

Of course, many content may feel related to each other, but if you have a primary goal, you'll be able to write more articles over a long period of time.

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Another way to make sure you keep writing consistently is to read more content yourself.

There are days when I will write about Medium and I will come across something I want to write based on an article written by someone else.

This may seem very similar to "stealing" ideas, but in reality, we all do it. I have seen many articles on this platform related or very similar to each other.

Good writers continue to grow. Part of this process includes cutting off the skills and ideas of other people.

Of course, until someone else's articles are copied / pasted, it is quite normal to let other people's writings influence their own.

I think we tend to choose different writing styles from other people, so why not use some of their ideas?

Examine your interests

What I mean is that sometimes I ask myself "which articles are I attracted to?"

Usually by asking this question, at least once a week, I can invent something to write.

If you understand the types of items you are attracted to, you may be able to appeal to a certain crowd. This can help you fulfill some of your thoughts and ideas for people who are like you!

So, if you run into a wall when it comes to continuing to write, focus on the things you like to read. You should therefore be able to connect to a specific group of people with a new perspective in a similar area of ​​interest.

Pay attention to your daily conversation

We all have conversations throughout the day that tend to make us throw up.

Examine those conversations. What do you shoot? What conversation have you had lately you were passionate about? Why did he keep you awake at night?

Writing is also a means of ventilation. Sometimes it's good to let off steam on paper and go back to that piece in the morning to see what you think.

I'm sure if you really think so much, you could invent different conversations you've had as soon as this week that could provide an abundance of content to share.

There have been many times when I'm out with friends and we'll talk about something and I'll have to stop giving an idea in my phone. This is just one of the ways in which I store new ideas for myself.

You may have better ways to store these ideas, but the point is that you are building a content file written for the future.

Plan a time to write

Finally, it's never a bad plan to plan your writing time. This takes away the pressure from you that you need to find a point of focus in place.

When planning a time to write, you give yourself room for maneuver to think about the content in advance. You could also unconsciously look for it in your daily conversations, knowing that your writing time is approaching.

When you stick to a program, you also become less perturbed because you decided to put aside time rather than sit in the middle of a casual day and try to knock out a thousand words.

Give yourself the freedom to keep writing while keeping your ideas fresh. Do not let your writings become stale. Of course, you may have to work hard for a new perspective, but you can do it.

If you are engaged in the writing process, you should be able to follow your equation to write consistently.

Mine is a bit willing here.

  • I know my niche
  • I read a lot
  • I have examined my interests
  • I try to pay attention to my daily interactions
  • I try to schedule the time
  • Take a coffee

These are the things that help me to keep writing, even when I lack motivation. What helps you?

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