Friday , December 4 2020

How to knot your T (video) | Merrick’s art

Tying a knot in your t-shirt can add a little interest to your look, make the t-shirt more flattering and make a basic t-shirt even more versatile. Watch this short video to see how to create the perfect knot for the shirt!

Details of the equipment:

White Tee (runs big – wears size XS)
Rusty cardigan
BlankNYC jeans
Leopard moccasins
Black quilted bag (only $ 55!)
Gold necklace

I had requests for a "Knot Your Tee" video for yearsso I'm excited to finally share!

Tying a knot in a t-shirt is one of my favorite little hack. With t-shirts and jeans, t-shirts and trousers, t-shirts and skirts and even t-shirts on dresses.

Let me show you how to get the perfect knot.

But first, the answers to a couple of questions …

Why in the world should you knot your shirt?

There are some reasons to tie your shirt. Here are some.

  1. If your shirt is too big, it's a great way to do it make it more flattering
  2. It's an easy way for add a little interest to your dress
  3. Knot your shirt is a good alternative to fold the shirt or half roll up the shirt (watch my half-refund video HERE if you missed it!)
  4. The whole mid-point roll up, fold or tie a shirt is to bring the edge of the t-shirt up and up let me show more line of your leg. More visible leg line = longer legs.

Which t-shirts should I tie?

Tying a knot in your shirt is easier with tops that are elastic, light and large. With these three qualifications you get a nice and safe knot.

Are all the clothes for the t-shirt suitable for a t-shirt knot?

Not all, but many. If you're wearing a wide or oversized shirt, with jeans, leggings, shorts, dress pants, skirts or a dress, it works perfectly. If your shirt has a snug fit, skip the knot.

Watch this video to see how I create a perfect and safe knot for the shirt.

Or you can watch it on my YouTube channel HERE!

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