Monday , March 1 2021

How to make the creamy and toasted coconut milk of your dreams

Let me say, if you already make your own nut milk at home, you have to try it. I mean – go to your kitchen, turn the oven dial and get some coconut. You must trust me here. I started making homemade toasted coconut milk a few months ago, and it became one of my favorite things. It is creamy, rich, nutty and intense. I like it immensely alone and as an ingredient also in other preparations. It's a real stroke of flavor. Imagine all the ways you can use it to make some of your favorite preparations even better. It is excellent in chai tea, in morning oatmeal, in cooked oatmeal (!). You can use it in a wild range of sweet preparations, but it's also a good way to add a little bit. je ne sais quoi, at broths, soups and weekend curries.

You can see how it looks together in a video of the process here, and you can find the recipe below, as well as some notes. Let me know if you do, and if you do, please let me know how you're using it!


A couple of notes. If you want to try this, play with the roasting of your coconut. If you toast the coconut deeply, you will have a different profile than a slightly toasted coconut. I tend to ride the dark side of the spectrum, but the difference between a milk made with slightly toasted compared to the dark is wild. Both delicious, just different.

Toasted coconut milk

Toasted coconut milk

Also, like all pure coconut milk, it will separate. And it solidifies in the fridge. Use it as you would with canned coconut milk and wait for it to behave in a similar way (for example you may have to heat it up a bit and give it a good mixture before using it) …

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