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How to make your makeup for the night and day


Believe it or not, I'm terrible to do my trick. I'm decent to do it for a friend, but when it comes to my face, I've never understood it properly. I wanted a lesson step by step for years so I asked my London makeup artist, Emma Lovell, to show me how. One of my fantastic school friends mom of my son's class Mosey agreed to be the model (thanks, Kate!), And I learned a lot. I hope it will be useful for some of you!

Kate Skrypec

Our model

My friend Kate Skrypec was our model for the day and Emma Lovell replicated the same makeup techniques she used for me in Venice. Scroll down to see the incredible final results and products used for each step!

Before starting: Skin Prep

Before starting to think about applying makeup, it is important to take care of your skin by cleaning and moisturizing it.

Before applying makeup, Emma always cleanses the face and neck with cleansing water and cotton pads.

Subsequently, Emma massages the moisturizer. Lower a little on some key sections – forehead, chin, cheeks – then smooth upward, moving from the center to the outside, until the moisturizer is completely absorbed. "Hydrate your entire neck, including your back to keep it smooth and taut," he says. "And always moisturize your lips with an exceptional lip balm."

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Bright melting cleaner

Daytime makeup

Here is the trick that Emma usually does for my interviews and my daytime appearances. It's the perfect makeup without makeup.

Step 1: Foundation

To find your shadow, match the foundations around your neck rather than your face. You want your face and your neck to be the same color.

Daytime Foundation

Emma first applies the foundation on her hand, an easy palette, then applies it with her fingers to Kate's forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Always start at the center and work outward.

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Moisturizing cover for dew skin

Step 2: Corrector

Emma uses a brush to apply the concealer only where necessary: ​​under the eyes, on the chin, on the T area and around the nose. Go slow, and do not use it all at once: the idea is to treat the points.

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Rituel de Fille
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Step 3: curl your eyelashes

Daytime eyelashes

This is Emma's trick, without leaving the house, without it: "Always, she always curls her eyelashes," she says. "Wake up your face."

Emma starts at the root of her eyelashes and gradually "exits" towards the ends.

Products used


Step 4: Eye shadow


Emma loves using a cream-colored eyeshadow, like those from RMS. Use a brush to apply it, mixing the shadow in the grip line (but not up to the eyebrows). Do not dab a whole ton of shadow all at once; arrange it gradually. With a small brush, draw a thin line of shadow along the lash line at the bottom to really improve the eyes.

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Cream Eye Polish

Step 5: Mascara

Emma puts a mascara stain directly on the hand and uses a small flat brush to apply. Starting from the root, Emma travels the entire length, making sure to define each individual eyelash.

Apply two layers of mascara for the most fluent effect, allowing a few seconds to pass between the hands to allow the pigment to dry.

Daytime mascara

Step 6: Eyebrows


Another step on which Emma insists is to fill her eyebrows to frame her face. Choose a slightly lighter color than your natural color and fill with light and soft strokes to accentuate and stretch your features as much as possible.

Now, using a clean mascara wand (it could come from an old makeup set that you do not use anymore), brush your forehead hair with light and feathered brush strokes.

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Frontal pencil for the color

Beauty Define's eyebrow pencil from Beautycounter is available in a variety of shades and has a built-in melting brush.

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Step 7: cheeks


The cream red is dewy, modern and perfect for a daytime look. Emma uses her hands to dab it on the apples of Kate's cheeks and then mixes it at an angle and out.

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Tint lips and cheeks

Infused with coconut oil, Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tint adds a warm and luminous flush. The shadow rich with Very Popular berries is perfect.

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Step 8: Lips

Daytime lips

Emma always mixes lipsticks to get exactly the color she wants. Firstly, it limits Kate's lips directly with the stick. Then, alternating the pigments, mix the colors directly on the fingers and apply the mixture on the lips of Kate.

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Lips color without weight

Step 9: Final touches

With a thick brush, dust the area T with a silky powder to reduce the shine.


Finished the look of Kate & # 39; s Daytime!

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Transition in the night

For my red carpet makeup in Venice, Emma only had 20 minutes to get ready, so she built the makeup she'd already done for the day. Here's how Emma switched to Kate.

Step 1: Eyeliner

Night eyeliner

Brush a liquid coating directly on your hand (this is not necessary, but make-up artists do it to ensure an elegant and clear application, also avoiding that the coating comes out too much on the brush). With the lining wand or a lining brush, trace the ink along the base of the lashes, starting from the center of the eye and going outwards. Use a slightly larger brush, finger or Q tip to blend, if you prefer, or leave it crispy.

Emma draws a line with an eye pencil over the line she has already made with the liquid coating to intensify the look. Here you want to work in front of your eyes, not just from the center. Using a brush, blend and stretch. Now draw the pencil along the lower lashes; mix again.

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Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner pencil

Beautycounter Color Outline Eye Pencil in Black is a creamy black jet that glides elegantly and looks fantastic smudged for a more experienced look.

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Step 2: eyelashes

Now, mascara. As before, build slowly and in layers, from the roots to the ends. For a bit of drama, add a little bit. more to intermediate lashes (this rounds the eye).

Precision mascara
Nightime eyelashes

Use a hand of black mascara to burst your eyes. As before, build slowly and in layers, from the roots to the ends. For an eye of dew, put a little more on the central lashes (this rounds the eye).

Step 3: Lips

Night lips

Emma paints on the lipstick using a small, flat brush, so as not to bleed over the edge of her lips.

Night lips

This has been passed down for generations: use a handkerchief to dry. Finish with a small amount of lip gloss. Emma also uses her fingers for this.

Step 4: cheeks

Dab some light shimmering at the top of the cheekbones and at the end of the eyebrows.


Under the cheekbones, add a little bit of bronzer or darker powder with an angled brush. This adds contour and gives Kate's face a chiselled appearance. Finish with a light dusting of dust.

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Flash Luminizer

Brush to blush angled

Step 5: And to really revive the look …


Emma licks the glittering eye shadow in the middle of Kate's eyelids. "There is nothing worse than the eyes from the dry aspect." Says Emma.

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Cream Eye Polish


How to make your makeup

Kate is beautiful and ready for her evening.

Note: brushes

Brushes are definitely a worthwhile investment. To make them last, Emma brushes the brushes after each use with a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and lets them dry on a towel every night.

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