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How to prepare baked eggs in any way

Fall in love with yolk: this is for you. Because with a baked egg, not only take that runny egg, you get a whole casing full of liquorice, rich and rich, to dip your bread or to eat it with a spoon.

Baked eggs are an autumn and winter food for me. They are warming and decadent. And they give me a reason to turn on the oven on a cold fresh morning. I like to keep my simple: I'm happy with a baked egg made with only butter and cream, sprinkled with salt and pepper and perhaps a bit of chives or herbs just before serving. There is comfort in this simplicity. You do not really need anything else, except of course a toast to immerse yourself. But baked eggs are also a willing and flexible canvas for a wide range of mix-ins, and the addition of some additional ingredients can make them feel more special and / or more like a proper breakfast.

The trick to make baked eggs is to cook them to the point where the yolk is still completely liquid and the white is well set but soft enough to be scoop-able. This is not difficult to do: you just have to know when to extract them from the oven and the right ratio between cream and egg to follow. Once you've memorized this, you can make eggs cooked in any way you like and you'll never need a recipe again.

Here's how to do it:

How to prepare baked eggs 3

Before doing anything, grease all ramekin generously.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Anna Stockwell's Food Styling

1. Preheat your oven and butter some Ramekin

Put a grill in the center of your oven: this will help to ensure that the eggs are cooked evenly and the tadpole to 375 ° F. While the oven heats, fatten the ramekins you will use to cook the eggs. He wants to use the smallest dishes suitable for the oven you have, one per person. About 4 ounces is a good size, and can be both deep and shallow, both work.

How to prepare baked eggs 4

Here, I am collecting a mixture of sautéed spinach and wild mushrooms in each of my buttered molds.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Anna Stockwell's Food Styling

2. Start by adding your missions if you use

Before breaking the eggs into buttered molds, add the dough you would like to use in each dish. Each ramekin can hold back 1/4 cup of mix-in, not more. Whatever you think tastes good with a runny egg will work like a mix-in: sautéed spinach and mushrooms, cubes of Ham, sliced ​​tomatoes, pieces of cooked Bacon or sausagecrumbled feta, pieces of cooked asparagusor even any residue Grilled vegetables you hid in your fridge. Whatever you choose, assemble the mix-in into a uniform layer at the bottom of each ramekin.

How to prepare baked eggs 5

One day I will perfect the one-handed killing move. Until then, I will continue to use both hands.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Anna Stockwell's Food Styling

3. Fendi an egg in each Ramekin

How to Prepare Baked Eggs 6

Make sure you get that heavy cream over the yolk: it helps to protect it while cooking.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Anna Stockwell's Food Styling

4. Pour 1 tablespoon of cream onto each egg

This is the only report you need to memorize: 1 tablespoon. of cream for each egg. That heavy cream is what makes a baked egg special: it's like if you stew the egg in cream, and that the heavy cream helps to protect the egg and increases it in a delicate and uniform way, and provides also a creamy sauce incorporated for the egg. Make sure to pour it over the egg yolk and the entire surface of the egg. I like using my trusty mini measuring cup to make the payment.

5. Cook the eggs for 8-10 minutes

If you're making more than one baked egg, line up your stencils on a beaded baking sheet and put the pan on the central oven grill. Set a timer for 8 minutesand then check to see if they have finished. It may be necessary to cook until 10 minutes, but start checking at 8.

6. Learn how to know when it's done

To check if your cooked egg is completely cooked but still cold enough to soak it, you really need to look and touch the egg – using only the eyes you could be deceptive. The cream should bubbl around the edges of ramekin. Give the ramekin a light shake: the egg yolk itself should swing slightly when you do, and the whites around should be firmer. For extra safety, gently tap the top of the yolk with the index finger pad (carefully!), Then release it. The yolk should easily fall under the pressure of the finger and then rebound in a circle when released. If it waves and makes waves like a bed of water under pressure, it's still not enough. If you feel hard when you hit, it's exaggerated. A cooked egg may just go so far as to exaggerate in less than 30 seconds. If it is undersized, put it back in the oven for another 30 seconds and then check it again.

How to prepare baked eggs 1

One, two, three small breakfasts of baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms, freshly baked.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Anna Stockwell's Food Styling

7. Serve with toast for dipping

When you extract the eggs from the oven, wait until the cream stops bubbling (about 2 minutes) before digging, so that no one burns the tongue. Sprinkle the eggs with some salt and pepper, then add a little chopped fresh herbs, if you like it. Serve with toasted bread, it is excellent for drying the creamy sauce.

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