Friday , June 18 2021

How to recreate the best look of Street Style from the fashion week

Unlike the catwalks, which often feature fantastic clothes, street style is intrinsically wearable and therefore often the most rewarding inspiration for getting out of fashion week. The lot of this season was a lot of fun to watch, in fact I'm overwhelmed by the huge number of outfits that ask to get them closer as soon as possible. Ergo, I am forcing myself to give priority, and I asked my colleagues to do it with me for moral support. Below are the ensembles that we are most eager to recreate with our wardrobes, even though there are many others where they come from. Scroll down to read why we chose the ones we did, and give your input in the comment section after another walk through Simon Chetrit's photo reel.

Although I love wearing bright colors and contrasting patterns most of the time, something happens to me at the start of each fall where I feel a strong compulsion to dress a little more "classic" – pants, white T-shirts , trench, neutral tones, etc. I am called to this dress in particular because it embraces the shapes and color palettes that I associate with this autumnal desire while we marry it with playful twists, that is, the shine of the coat, the mustard touches in the trousers and the python boots. I want to wear the whole g-dang thing.

I like transparent raincoats a lot, but I have not been able to figure out how to wear them without feeling like a parody of myself or some version of a gimmick, and the way this guy created always looks green thanks to tailored trousers and sturdy boots . I am also a constant supporter of the combination of red, white and blue stripes for his t-shirt, but for some reason, seeing this inspired me to exchange a half-zip for my interpretation.

The graphic t-shirt with blazer and a kind of high-waisted background is a classic set that I have yet to tire of seeing. I love this cool version with a khaki skirt (or are wide pants on the legs ???) Anyway, I love the combination kaki + off-white. I feel that the glasses anchor the look and emulate a sense of security that I hope only a rough day. I recently received these from Poppy Lissiman and I am very excited to create a ~ * appearance * with them together.

I'm not sure why, because I'm not a particularly new trend, but suddenly I can not stop thinking about sets of clothing. But not set-type crop-top-and-miniskirt flirty: the extensive complete sets of coverage. There is something that seems more playful and customizable than a whole suit. This dress is not technically a cream-colored set, but it looks like one, is not it? I love the baby blue pop around his shoulders, the white hat and the shock of shiny black boots. This is the mathematics of colors. It's the kind of outfit I want to wear everything in the fall.

This is adaptation is the future. Also, I love a soft shoe and any group that includes a hands-free bag is for me.

I will never exceed the similar blazer I lost a few years ago. My heart hurts every day, and I'm not sure why I did not replace it, but this dress reignited a fire under my bottom to find the new version. I like the idea that it is a bit too big and I hold it tightly to keep it closed, as well as keeping a bare neck underneath. I miss the pants suitable as those who wears this woman, so most likely, I would do this blazer jacket with jeans. But I like white pumps, which I have, as an addition to prevent him from turning too equestrian.

I saw Chrissy Rutherford IRL at the Tibi show and I thought to myself, "Because I do not own those pants, how can I buy those pants, can I ask you if I can have pants?" I love the yellow pop against the colored sweater camel and the clandestine clash of the fantasy bag. I would add two gold cuffs to Elvis Costello's wrists and sunglasses "do not disturb".

This stood out for me due to the green and glorious Kelly green – and Rachael Wang has such an amazing taste. A fresh and Americanized dish on the combo dress + sneakers! I will put it into practice with Karhus + field socks.

Photos by Simon Chetrit.

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