Saturday , May 8 2021

how to say “No” to requests for product functionality …

4 tips to make your positive no more effective

Now that you know how to change your "No" from negative to positive, here are 4 techniques to make your "No" even more effective.

? Change your perspective from "us against them" to "we". Both work towards the same result: the success of the company. Be sure to relate your team's work to overall business goals. Do not focus on different individual positions. Report it to shared interests of a higher level.

? Do not lose the good features by saying "No" before really understanding the idea. Julie Zhuo says it clearly: "If someone describes a feature that seems strange to you, asking "why do you think it's a good idea?" It could lead you to understand the concept or notion behind it, which could then lead to promising new executions."Being curious, it's often crazy ideas that turn out to be 10X improvement over incremental gains of 10%.

? You know how to compromise. If your team says a feature request will be fast, it will have no impact on your schedule and will not have many negative aspects, you should probably try it. Even if it is completely unrelated to what you are currently working on. If you say "No" to all this you will become the "No" that everyone avoids. Spread the love of stakeholders!

? Offer a constructive following. We often say what he will not to do and forget to say what we do want do. Remember to propose a positive result. Suggest to revisit the idea in the following quarter and see if it could influence the new goals ("later"). Or explain what should happen to you to say "Yes" to the request. It could be more data, a more refined tone or just more time to investigate the idea ("if … then").

And this is all! With a positive "No", you're ready to protect your team from too many feature requests, is maintain a healthy relationship with your stakeholders.

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