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How to set up your payroll in Vagaro – Vagaro Support

The Pay book feature allows you to configure and track employee salaries, tips and commissions. In addition, you can set up your payroll to pay employees weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimestrial. You can also run detailed reports, displaying the breakdown of the cumulative hourly wage and the commissions for each employee.

To set up your payroll in Vagaro, follow these steps:

  • Click Relationships at the top of the screen.
  • To select Payroll configuration under The employees on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on To save once set up how you want to pay your employees or click Save and run the payroll if you are ready to manage your payroll.

Let's begin!

How can I set up my payroll?

How can I set up the commission structure per employee?

Watch this video or follow the steps below to configure and configure the payroll in Vagaro.

1. Click Relationships.


2. Click Payroll configuration.


3. Here you can set all the salary management options specific to your business.

Payroll frequency allows you to set or change how often your payroll closes or when you pay your employees. To choose weekly, Monthly, biweekly (every 2 weeks) o Bimonthly (twice in a month).

The extraordinary begins later lets you set when overtime for your employees begins.
Extraordinary hourly multiplier allows you to multiply the hourly rate of employees based on the number set. Please note that the multiplier applies to daily pay.


You also have an option to set up your own Payroll closing day is Payroll Ending Day when you set yours biweekly hours. For example, if the first payroll end date is Friday, the 14th:

-The salary management period will be 1 ° -14 °.

-The next pay period will be 15-28, ending Friday 28.

-Payroll will continue every other Friday.


4. Please review the information below.

– All tips, including cash and credit card tips, are included in the payroll if you switch to Include suggestions.

– Pass to Include suggestions if you allow customers to take cash advice, but pay them for credit card recommendations on the payroll. Do not enter money suggestions on the payment screen.

-If your employees are taking advice on money on the day the service is completed, do not activate Include suggestions.

Corporate Services Deduction / Class Cost indicates to the payroll to deduct the cost of the service from the sale price of the service. For example, let's take a look at a cutting and coloring service. The service costs $ 75 and costs about $ 5 dollars on average to complete the service. If you subtract the cost to the business, the service network will be $ 70. The Vagaro payroll screen will see this and will only give service providers fees on the net gain of $ 70 instead of the $ 75 selling price.

Deduction of the cost of the company product indicates to the payroll to deduct the cost of the product from the sale price. For example, suppose you have a product that costs $ 2 and the sale price is $ 20. If you subtract the cost to the business, the network for the product will be $ 18. The Vagaro payroll screen will see this and will only give service providers fees on the net gain of $ 18 instead of the $ 20 selling price.

Subtract discount from the commission indicates to the payroll to subtract the sales discount from the price of the service at the time the commission is calculated. For example, let's go let's say you're an entrepreneur who performs a special affirming that the haircuts are half-done for a weekend. If this option is not selected with a haircut of $ 30, the service provider will receive the full commission of $ 30. When this option is selected, the service provider will receive the commission on the discounted price, which in this case is $ 15.


Commission structure per employee

5. You can find the Commission structure per employee under the Payroll configuration. Here you can set the Hourly frequency ($), threshold and percentage of the Commission for Services, Products, is Classes for employees.

Commission threshold and percentage
The Commission's threshold is the limit that tells the payroll to stop paying a commission and start paying for one more. We take this for example. An employee is doing 45% on all sales, with a threshold set at $ 1000. When the employee reaches $ 1,000 in sales, the system will recognize that it is necessary to increase the commission percentage to 50%. Therefore, the employee will make a 50% commission on all sales for that payment period. The threshold can be set for Service Sales, Product Sales and Class Sales.


6. After setting all options, click To save. If you are ready to run the payroll click on Save and run the payroll.


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