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How to write a page of services for your WordPress site (what you need)

While your current customers will surely visit your website, most of their opinions probably come from potential contacts. Perhaps the most important step to "sell" these visitors to your business is to help them understand exactly what you offer. In turn, this means learning how to write a page of services.

Before people can decide whether they need your services or not, you need to clarify exactly what you are offering. A dedicated services page helps you to provide all the necessary details. Furthermore, entering this information on your page means that it will not clutter up your homepage.

In this post, we will talk about when and why this type of page can be useful. Then we will explain what it should include and explore how to write a page of services in WordPress. We go to work!

How a dedicated services page benefits your website

Sometimes people end up on your website because they are looking for a very specific kind of solution. However, many visitors are not able to know who you are and what you do until they arrive. Communicating your company's purpose and offerings to those potential contacts should be one of the primary goals of your site.

Among other things, this includes the clarification of the services you offer. It is important to be as specific as possible here. Just saying that you offer "security solutions" does not say much to your visitors. They will only ask what these security solutions are for and what features are included.

However, trying to cram many details about your services on your home page can be counterproductive. In general, you want your homepage, landing page, or other portals to be concise and easy to understand.

Here is where a dedicated services page is very useful:

An example of how to write a page of services.

You can gather all the necessary information about your services in one place and include all the details you want. In addition, you can also connect to your home page, as well as other important locations such as the sidebar and the menu.

A services page is a "smart inclusion" for almost all company websites. In general, however, it is more useful for companies that offer a range of services instead of doing a very specific thing. However, before you can learn how to write a page of services like this, you need to know what it should cover.

What the services page should include

At this point, you're probably wondering how an effective service page might look. Just like with any page on your site, it should naturally be informed by your unique audience, your focus and your goals. However, there we are some tips you can keep in mind when deciding how to write a service page.

For example, we recommend that you include:

  • A list of your services organized in an organized way. This could be in the form of a real list, a table or a series of separate sections. What is vital here is that every service is clearly distinct from others.
  • Detailed information on each service. We suggest explaining what it is able to provide to customers for your business. This should include clarity of benefits. In other words, your descriptions must answer the question: "Why should I choose to buy this service?"
  • Links to support information, documentation and / or examples. You will need your service page to be complete. At the same time, you do not want to overload it. Therefore, it may be useful to link more details about each service, especially if your offers are complex. This may include documentation or video articles explaining specific characteristics, and even examples or case studies demonstrating service in action.

Finally, and above all, you will need at least a strong call to action (CTA). This is a link, button, or registration form that tells visitors interested in your services what to do next. If all your services are included in a single plan or package, you'll probably only need a CTA. However, if customers can purchase services individually, be sure to include a dedicated CTA for each.

How to write a page of services in WordPress

Now you have a clear idea of ​​what your service page should include, all you have to do is put it together. At a basic level, this is a very simple task. You can simply create a new page in WordPress, add content to your services and publish them.

In a sense, this is no different than creating any other page on your website. However, as a WordPress user you have some unique options when deciding how to write a services page. There are a couple of ways you can bring out this page and design it so that it has the maximum possible impact.

First of all, you can use a plug-in to create your services page. This will provide you with a specially designed layout without the need to change the theme. For a perfect example, check Service Box:

This plugin helps you create a simple but effective service page. Provides organized sections for each service, along with the ability to connect to additional information:

The demo of the Service Box plug-in.

There are also many customization options available and you can add as many services as you want. This method is useful if your services are simple enough to explain. It works well even if you want the services page to serve as a portal to direct visitors to the individual pages for each offer.

However, if you are looking for a more elegant solution, you can also create a services page using a suitable WordPress theme. This approach means that the page is safe to adapt to the rest of your site and is ideal if you are building a new site or do not mind changing the current theme.

What you are looking for is a theme that offers clearly defined sections of the page, such as Estia.

With this theme, you can set up a scrolling services page where each offer is present in its separate section:

The demo of the Hestia WordPress theme.

This layout clearly distinguishes between services sold individually. Alternatively, it can be used to list the various features of a specific plan or package. However, you will be able to completely customize each section. You can set a unique background for each and edit the designs so that they are unique and convincing.


The best way to convince visitors to buy your services is to clearly explain what you offer and how it will benefit them. A dedicated services page is an ideal technique to do this – is it's easy to configure.

At this point you should have a solid understanding of how to write a page of services. We recommend that you include details, links and CTAs for each individual service, so that potential customers can see what they will get. To make your service page stand out and clearly distinguish between its sections, you can create it using a plug-in like Service Box or a business theme optimized like Hestia.

Do you have any questions about how to write a page of services in WordPress? Ask in the comments section below!

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