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Jay-Z turned to Kanye West for Donald Trump on New Meek Mill track

The West has been away from politics in recent weeks after it has controversed its unwavering support of President Donald Trump. Jay-Z turned to the thorny problem with the guest on the track at Meek Mill's new album "Championships".

In the song "What's Free," which also features Rick Ross, Jay-Z rap:

"There is no red hat, do not me Michael and the prince and me,

They separate you when you get Michael and Prince's DNA,

I'm not one of those houses you bought,

My house like a settlement, my house bigger than yours,

Of course, my man, my course of course better … "

"My hair was free, no worries." N **** s is not near free. Enjoy your chains, what is your employer's name, with a piece of hair? "

Check out Jay-Z's 3 minute 40 seconds lyrics below:

It's Mill's first album since his release from prison in April after a conditional sentence violation. In May, he was pulled out of an event that was scheduled to speak with Trump on Prison Reform.

"Unfortunately, the focus was addressed to the president and myself who worried me that it might separate us from creating a positive result from today's debates," he said at the time. "As a result, I decided not to attend, so the focus would be solely on establishing our prison system. Most importantly, I continue to devote myself to improving the criminal justice system."

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