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Kevin Durant is absurd

The Toronto Raptors won the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night in the extension for a score of 131-128. Matchup lost some of the potential juices because of the lack of Steph Curry and Draymond Green, but the basketball itself was amazing. Kawhi Leonard was excellent. Pascal Siakam was excellent. Even Serge Ibaka was great. Jonas Jerebko, of all people, has put a seal on the game. But Kevin Durant, I'm afraid to say, was absurd. Kevin Durant is absurdly.

This has nothing to do with Durant's undefeated score – he scored 51 points to 31 in 43 minutes, the third consecutive game of at least 44 points – rather than his funny repertoire. The Raptors were controlled most of the night, and the Warriors were continually working from behind, so Durant fell to not only their primary shooter, but their primary bowler, creator and player, and top defenders such as Leonard and Danny Greene and OG Anunoby and Siakam overwhelmed they are by it. It remains disgusting and unjust that it is seven times that it does:

Also this:

And this:

But this is really his last canton of regulation that deserves your full attention. With the Warriors down six after the bold Kyle Lowry three pointers, Durant dribbled his way to the right wing and with Lowry in shorts, raised to the 27-point three-pointers to make this one a game. It was a ball, but it was just a shotgun. The following Warriors possession, after Leonard miss, and with less than full shot clock left for the clock game and Warriors down three points, this happened:

There are snapshots of Steph Curry's footage, which Steph made as the only male in basketball that makes them reliably – some inside out in the back behind dive into a 35-footer example, or whatever it is. And then there are recordings that maybe only Kevin Durant, of all the basketball players in the world, can take and do. Kawhi Leonard played a pretty perfect defense on this property. And it was not as if such an average defender played a fairly perfect defense. Kawhi Leonard erases very good points players for the quarter and half of the NBA games. He is the best defender in basketball, and one of the best ever. Here Durava picked up half the field and successfully handed him over to help, and was in his pocket pocket as Durant pulled to the corner, where Kawhi got one of those crazy extensions to win with one of his cartoon satellite satellite antennas. The vast majority of NBA players could not get out of a clean bullet in such circumstances, let alone remain decent chances for that. Durant could be the only man in basketball that is tall enough and quick enough, long enough and strong enough, and also a brilliant and natural shooter to turn that property up against that defender in the can. There is no defense against that level of performance.

Here's a complete video of what Durant did against Raptor. It is also good because it ends in the loss of Warriors, but Durant was a damn monster. Steph will come back this weekend; Draymond could be back as soon as next week. Imagine adding these jerk to this jerk. Damn it.

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