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King Soopera's trade union employees are authorized to strike

DENVER (KKTV) – The employees of King Soopers, part of UFCW Local 7, could officially strike each day.

"We want our stores to be better places to work and buy," UFCW wrote in a statement to the public late on Friday night.

Local 7 members voted for strike approval Friday night. So they did not officially strike, but they could at any time.

"The pregnant women and men of King Soopers and the city market stand together for their families, their clients, and their communities," said President of Local 7 Kim Cordova. Working time for the workers who earned it, but because you deserve the best customer service when purchasing. ".

More than 12,000 workers are UFCW Local 7 at 109 King Soopers and City Market Stores in Colorado. Their current contract was completed on January 12, 2019, and Local 7 has been involved in negotiations for new contracts since mid-December.

Strike date is not determined by Local 7.

Reasons for Strike to Local 7
• In the next three years there is no increase in salaries for half of the employees.
• Reduced benefits and increased costs for health care.
• Less full-time jobs and less working hours for short-time working workers and jobs in a giant economy that do not support families in stores.
• Reduced revenue for more than 10,000 Colorado seniors.
• There is no increase in salaries or equal access to health care for service workers who are disproportionately disabled.

King Soopers gave the following statement on Friday night:
"We have proposed a good deal for our associates, and our goals are always to reach an agreement that ensures a solid and competitive package of salaries, benefits and a stable pension plan. this business as usual in our stores.

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