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Legacies Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 – [Spoiler] He's back from the dead

Even in the magical world, the choices do not always take place in the way they should. Some of them heritage"The most beautifully learned this hard way on Thursday, when Alaric's decision to form a student honor – composed of one representative from each supernatural faction – turned the campus into a political war zone.

Well dressed Lizzie i very well-dressed MG (just as Quincy Fouse predicted!) were undisputed leaders for their kind, but settling on the leader was a bit more demanding for the wolves – not that anyone should surprise. When Rafael's alpha clearly stated that he would use his position that Landon had removed from school, there was a battle for domination. He got the challenge for Rafael, earning him a seat in the Council, but the other two vacancies went to Caleb (!) And Josie (?!), Encouraging the sound of the other students. And from me, to be honest.

I also hope very strongly armed to the Council – to be honest, she is just one of its kind – probably to ensure that Landon cares well, but everyone was surprised at the first movement meeting: "Landon has to go." Caleb agreed (spirit) and Rafael opposed (duuuh), leaving a decision in Josiah's hands. Ultimately he decided that it was in the best interest of every Landon to keep his distance, sending Rafael to blind anger … and to Lizzie just as furious. (Say, did not Rafael kiss Josie last week? I guess that can bring more tension between the sisters.)

Elsewhere, Alarić and Dorian were busy using this weekly mysterious monster: the living spirit of the tree, also known as dry. (Not big.) This particular – the first show who speaks a monster – was desperately reunited with a lover, a vampire named Oliver. (Confession: Before I heard the "vampire", I thought you might have talked about Jackson's Wolfgang Oliver from originals.) And while finding the type was simple enough, the plan hit new strength when Oliver claimed he had no memories of his ladybug. Hell, the guy was married.

As if the broken heart was insufficient, the poor dwarves – under the influence of an unknown entity – attacked Alaric and Doriana, forcing them to get out. Fortunately, he was able to uncover a key piece of the puzzle before going to heaven: the voice in her head commanded to wear a knife on a "dark underwater rug" known as Malivore. In this way, she will know "peace and finally be free". (This secretary clearly did not observe any other show in this franchise, or would know what actually meant "peace").

The story of Dryad also illuminated the mysterious Landon's mysterious performance. After giving him the long-awaited goodbye of love, Hope landed a Landon bus to New Orleans where his "family friend" was waiting for him to help him find his or her mother. (Vincent? Declan? I need to know!) More interesting: In one picture, Landon has his mother, wearing the Malivore symbol around the neck.

It is also worth considering …

* I need to know who runs the title "Park Links" that played at the beginning of the episode. Now.

Did you catch Bonnie Bennett yelling? When Dorian brought Oliver to the glass, he said, "Our pal Bonnie made a witch on the rollers, some kind of a combo call and an astral projection." Of course, I'd like to see Katra Graham in Mystic Falls, but I'll get rid of the occasional memories.

* I did not think anything could be more sorry than Josie told Hope that Hayley was nice … until Alaric poured into the heart. So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I see Jodi Lyn's Keefe pop-up in a promo for next week's episode as uncomfortable zombie, This show is too good for us.

* Talking about familiar faces, who is a "family friend" in New Orleans ?!

Did you dig out this miserable informative serious episode heritage? Any new theories about Landon? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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