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Lone Star tick, known as the cause of red meat allergies, found in northern Wisconsin: a report

The Lone Star tick, a tick type known to cause allergies to red meat, was allegedly found in northern Wisconsin – a rare occurrence because these little arachnids are commonly found in the state.

The tick is allegedly detected near Eau Claire County, according to local news Channel 3000. Lone Star ticks, which are not native to the state and are termed white spots on the back of adult females, sometimes report to the southern half of Wisconsin. if at all, according to Entomology Department at Wisconsin-Madison University.

Susan Paskewitz, head of department at Entomology at the University, told Channel 3000 that the tick Lone Star was most likely to find his way north to the birds or some other animal that later arrived in the area.

Last summer, Scott Commins – an allergist and senior medical professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and one of the first doctors who discovered the connection between Lone Star tick bite and allergy to Alpha – told Fox News that allergies had caused an allergy. Lone Star tick bite is a relatively rare occurrence. However, the number of cases has risen sharply in relation to approximately twenty people he and his colleagues studied for the first time in 2009.


Commins has offered several different reasons to increase.

First, doctors can now do a blood test that detects an allergy, "which significantly facilitated the diagnosis," he said.

Lone Star Chip. (Istockphoto)

Lone Star Chip. (Istockphoto)

In addition, "the tonal range of Lone Star increases and expands," Commins said, ultimately increasing the chances of bite. The higher costs of living can be partly blamed, and for the last few years, more and more people are trading in urban living for the suburbs. This movement leads to closer contact with the scenes that carry ticks, which increases the chances of tick bites.

Commins also said that increased awareness of allergies prompted people with symptoms to talk to their doctor and investigate whether the cause could be the tick bite of Lone Star.

Although it is not quite clear how tickle Lone Star sometimes results in an allergy, Commins said that ticks could be a factor.

"There is a common pathogen in all these chicks," he said at the time. – It can be a protein or an enzyme in the ticks. We are currently working on that in the lab. "

Unlike peanut, egg, tree or shell allergy symptoms, many people who are allergic to red meat may experience rash, skin rash or anaphylaxis.

Commins has warned many to also experience "heavy GIs." [gastrointestinal] such as stomach pain, digestive disorders, vomiting and diarrhea. Some people have described their gastrointestinal symptoms as "aching pain or" [being stuck with] hot poker, "he added.


However, red blood allergy symptoms are not always immediate. In fact, Commins say, it usually takes a few hours after eating red meat to get the symptoms out.

At this time there is no cure for allergy; Most of those with allergies can avoid red meat, including beef, lamb, pork, veal and goat, among others.

But news is not all bad.

– There is a bright spot in it; this is one of the allergy to food that will eventually be solved, "he said, although he noticed that additional tick bites could extend the condition.

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