Saturday , January 23 2021

McDonald's confirms that Ronald McDonald is not in the game

super smash bros. ultimately

McDonald's American Fast Food Agency confirmed that his mascot, Ronald McDonald, will not be in Nintendo's upcoming platform fighter, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Thus, in the brightest news of the year, it was confirmed that Big Mac Ronny, or the protagonist of each of his childhood nightmares, will not be a visiting character in the newest entry in the beloved series of battles …. for the time being.

Novelty comes via Twitter on McDonald's account with Great White North, who has released news of dirt during interaction with a curious fan.

It is interesting that Canadian McDonald's assures that while Ronny will not play in the new game, this could change, and in this process he returns hopes that Nintendo will do the right thing and add all four favorite clowns to the combination. I mean, they've added Back Climbing, so they can do the least with Ronaldo McDonald.

Suffice it to say, fans are ready for Nintendo to pull the trigger for the ultimate crossover:

At the moment it is not clear whether there are any plans to add The Dabbing Burger King, although my internal sources told me that Colonel Harland Sanders remains as a DLC character.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is ready to release next December 7 via Nintendo Switch. Whether it's going to run with a fast food mascot network, everyone's looking, it remains to be seen.

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