Saturday , May 15 2021

Men from South Carolina are charged with murder, bribery of women

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Per Associated Press

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Two men from South Carolina were charged with murder after the Sheriff's deputies found two bodies buried in a house near Spartanburg.

The arrests occurred after one of the suspects was shot in front of the MPs, survived and told the deputies that he saw another man killed his girlfriend.

On Saturday, 39-year-old Jonathan Galligan and 41-year-old Christian Daniel Hurlburt were arrested.

Representatives say Friday found bodies buried 27-year-old Christina Renee Bunner from Spartanburg and 40-year-old Melissa Fairlee Rhymer of Mountville. Galligan was charged with Bunner's death, while Hurlburt was charged with Rhymer's murder.

Both were closed without a guarantee after hearing on Saturday. It is unclear if there are lawyers who can comment on them.

Officials were called on Wednesday for a local traction facility due to a disturbance. Hurlburt, who lives in the estate, did not follow the orders of the deputy, took out the gun and fired his head. The wounded the deputies in the hospital bed on Thursday and told them about Bunner's death, saying he helped bury a woman in the yard at Galigan's house. Hurlburt later admitted that he had murdered another woman and buried her in the house, where Galligan lived for a time.

Representatives could not find the bodies on Thursday but returned with dog dogs on Friday. Authorities reported that mortal remains were found in graves that started about 18 inches (46 centimeters) below ground.

"The dogs are marked in two areas," Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger said. "We went to these two areas and managed to find human remains. They are two people."

They talked to Galligan on Friday but released him after he asked for a lawyer and asked him to leave, a spokesman for sheriff Lieutenant Kevin Bobo said.

But later that day, the Sheriff announced that deputies would seek the arrest of Galligan. She was taken to the store on Saturday. Hurlburt was taken to jail on Saturday after being released from the hospital. Both are also charged with additions after the facts. Hurlburt is also charged with having been convicted of a crime in the unlawful possession of a weapon.

Bunner has disappeared since December, and MPs say Galligan is her boyfriend.

"That man took my daughter," said Renee Bunner, mother Christin Bunner, on a bail bail. "She left off on December 16. Not only did she kill her but tried to bury her."

Representatives say Hurlburt told them that he killed another woman in the towing company in January but said he did not remember her name. It was identified as Rhymer by fingerprints. Rhymer was not reported as a disappearance to local law enforcement agencies.

Investigators said they did not believe that more bodies were buried in the house.

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