Wednesday , January 20 2021

New Smash Bros. The ultimate trailer is now an amazing musical meme

On November 8, Nintendo left Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer with some iconic iconic characters that were beaten and stomping and swirling, while it was undoubtedly great, the trailer was missing … something.

His art style is breathtaking, showing signs of both old and new, and there is Captain Falcon who has received absolutely filling, praising Donkey Kong. Still, as it is wonderful, there is one thing that requires a trailer that does not have Nintendo's version.


Whether it was deliberately on behalf of Nintendo, leaving a trailer trailer has caused a movement in which Smash's fancy, Smash fans create their own versions of the trailer using songs such as Queen's Do not Stop Me Now, music from Infinity War and of course, DK Rap. We asked Nintendo whether it was their intention, but they just need to get the answer.

Surprisingly, the trailer is suitable for a whole range of pop and rock and hip hop tracks – as well as original music games. But do not just take my word for it, here are some fan-made trailers that work incredibly well.

This is used by the original song to open Smash Bros. Melee and … Well, it fits perfectly.

I've always wondered what it would be like a Nu-Metal Smash Bros 2000 – and no longer wonder. Thanks, Linkin Park.

It seems that the music from Marvel's Infinity War is almost perfect. There's no Thanos in Smash, but somebody's gonna solve the case now, I'm sure.

Whatever you do, do not put DK Rap on … oh. You've already done so.

But what happens if you have fun and do not want to stop? This is probably the version of the trailer that is best for you. It's also a perfect time to start my petition to Freddie Mercury in Smash. I mean, why not? We put it all there, right?

Some were skeptical about marketing tactics right away – did all this have meant to have a new lookout in front of all the views on Twitter, with funny backgrounds, for that sweet viral marketing? Maybe. I mean, if it is, it's a genius. Everything I've seen on Twitter in the last five hours is the new Smash Bros commercial ..

This should not work. Celine Dion and Smash Bros should not go together. There's nothing more to say, take me a flute and play me, Celine.

Do you remember 1999? Me neither.

But maybe the one who really takes the cake is this, who uses the song from original Super Smash Bros Trailer – You know, the one where Mario comes out of Yoshi and starts the whole mess? It's a nice call that fits perfectly.

Super Smash Bros finally launches on Nintendo Switch on December 7th. If you want to remove all things Ultimate you have to check out our tremendous explanation detailing everything you need to know about the game, its characters, new ways and appeals to get Waluiga in the game.

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