Monday , May 17 2021

Ninja anger leaves in epic mode after trying to beat Sekiro boss

[Warning: spoilers ahead!]

Ninja seemed to have secured a great victory over the boss after a tough 30-minute battle, glaring at the seemingly final Shinobi Execution triumphant exclamation.

However, the Ninja did not know that the boss had another form; he quickly turned the camera as the monkey recovered, carrying his cut off head as he ran toward him.

The tape immediately stopped the game and removed the headphones in a clear defeat, moving away from their setting – which was far more fun than talking.

However, this did not prevent Ninja from trying to defeat another form of ape; although he soon sent the player, he followed his defeat with the idiotic word, saying, "Now I know, now I know."


Sekiro was a tough match on the internet, and some players claim the title is a lightweight way.

Is Sekiro difficult?

While it is not difficult to reduce the difficulty, it seems that paring time is much easier to see, giving players who are struggling with a much-needed boost (provided they do not play on the console).

That's not all; one article from PC Gamers told about the experience of the author who won the game by cheating, which caused massive controversy on Twitter by dissatisfied players who questioned the credibility of the reviewer.

Sekiro, like many games in the genre of SoulsBorne, is sometimes frustratingly difficult; however, like fighting games or any other skill test, he feels immensely grateful after he has finally mastered a pair or sent a boss.


PC modders accidentally created the Sekiro help mode: Shadows Die Twice, allowing gamers to adjust the global speed of the game to slow down paring time.

Despite this fact, it is not surprising that the unpleasant nature of the game can spark moments of extreme anger, as seen in Nini's urneous reaction to the other wind of the Apeine guard.

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