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Nippon Ichi software allegedly in financial hot water with employees can not be paid

Alistair Wong , 19 May 2019 15:30

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News came from various Japanese news from Nippon Ichi Software, a studio behind Disgaea series and other titles The fate of Connect. Yomawari, and more, is in financial difficulty and supposedly needs to fund employees.[Thankyou[Thanks[Hvala[!]

The news is based on a recent announcement by JASDAQ's stock market that Nippon Ichi applies for MS Warrant Stock, a move that retailers see as the last solution. In essence, this is a method of raising funds by selling shares for cheaper companies that are not able to borrow money from a bank or an investor. The bad side is that they screamed at investors because they lost because stocks are now less valuable. Although this move can be used several times to raise funds (and this is the first Nippon Ichi, which means that Nippon Ichi will not be closed tomorrow), provokes a loss of trust from the investor.

Regarding claims about employee inability to pay, this is a deduction based on the announcement itself, which states that the total required funds of 573,638,750 yen for game development costs, including employee salaries. In case they fail to collect the full amount, employee salaries will be a priority.

While Nippon Ichi Software has recently gone well Labyrinth refrains and Disgae 5 Completeddue to overseas sales, as a whole, their games do not work well despite the crash on new IP addresses such as Yomawari. Refrain series, Guide to the princess, and more. The fate of Connect, one of their most ambitious RPGs with new IPs with the 3D world, went out of the top 20 in sales in its weekly release.

Another big mistake recently is s Disgaea RPGtheir mobile title that failed to compensate for the costs involved. The game entered into hell of maintenance since the launch on March 19th, and was completed in April for further repairs, with at least three months needed to be repaired, which means that additional costs are invested in the project without any money. Disgaea RPG also caused a fall in shares in April.

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