Sunday , May 16 2021

PSA: You should be a more vicious killer in the rise of the Monster Hunter

MH climb© Capcom

The rise of the monster hunter has been out for a while, and a lot of people play it. While there are some solo hunters who quietly play through the ‘story’ and have fun, for many it’s all on the net hub and hunting in groups of four. Of course, you can’t always play with friends, so you rely on good old-fashioned etiquette when teaming up with random players. It always ends well …

Obviously it is a common occurrence in online games that the moment the monster is weakened, someone throws out a trap and captures the beast. It seems logical because it’s quick and easy, but technically it should be the host’s decision.

Well, online gaming is what it is, especially on Nintendo hardware with non-existent voice chat, communication is interrupted. Still worth a look at this PSA from the wizard from MH Gaijin Hunter; this writer, for example, did not realize that some parts are just for killing.

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