Thursday , June 24 2021

Reseller installs 2GIG security system after do-it-yourself cameras fail to counter theft

An entrepreneur turns to a local security company to install a professional security system after learning that his do-it-yourself security cameras can not compete with thieves.

CARLSBAD, CA – Presidio Doors retailer has installed two do-it-yourself security cameras to monitor its 10,000 square feet of warehouse and store. Unfortunately, these two cameras were not enough to counter a large-scale theft operation.

The unexpected theft took the months of work in Austin, Texas, to recover. For maximum peace of mind, owner Brian Wiest contacted local security professionals True Home Protection to install a fully monitored 2GIG security system.

"Wiest broke into a film of five thieves, tearing one of the two cameras from the wall and spending three hours in the dark to free it," explained True Home Protection regional manager John Jarvis. "The only information they had on the event was the amount of time it took place with 2GIG – a complete system that sends notifications to the authorities immediately after detecting a break-in – this would not have happened ".

2GIG GC2 safety panel.

True Home Protection installed a 2GIG GC2 security panel equipped with software for remote management and configuration of customized notifications. He also added dozens of 2GIG window sensors, garage door tilt sensors, glass break detectors and motion detectors to provide full perimeter protection and send instant notifications to both Wiest and local order forces in case of irruption.

Because of the unique dimensions and the great shape of the business, the wired sensors were not a viable option, which is why the 2GIG wireless sensors were suitable. According to Jarvis, one of the main advantages of 2GIG is that the 2GIG wireless sensors eliminate all the potential painful installation points that space could cause.

"Wireless sensors help reduce installation time for us and reduce customer costs while providing exceptional coverage and peace of mind," he added.

True Home Protection also installed four turret surveillance cameras with night vision technology, strategically pinpointing them across the space and configuring them to work with the 2GIG system and the backend.

According to Jarvis, 2GIG offers the best of both worlds as it provides professionally monitored security while being intuitive enough to use for anyone.

"Before going ahead with a project, I always consider whether a system would make life easier or more difficult for a client," he said. "2GIG offers an easy-to-use platform on the table, I do not have to choose between great security and ease of use, because it includes both in one."

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