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Scientists create the deepest space image ever exploring Hubble's new light-image – BGR

Space Telescope Hubble has produced some of the most impressive views of distant objects mankind has ever seen, but a certain image has repeatedly explored and continued to give new discoveries.

It is a composite image of the space known as the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field, and it took hundreds of hours to be produced using a wide-field telescopic camera 3. Observations revealed ancient galaxies dating back to 13.2 billion years, and the "deepest" picture of the space that exists. Now, the new effort to undermine original images for additional detail has resulted in a deeper insight into the area of ​​space.

In a new article published in. T Astronomy and astrophysics, researchers from the Spanish Canary Islands explain how they have managed to find weak objects that are hidden in the original Hubble images that were not visible in a larger composite.

"What we did was to go back to the original image archive, directly watched by HST, and improve the process of combining, aiming at the best image quality not only for smaller, smaller galaxies but also for expanded ones. areas of the greatest galaxies, "said Alejandro S. Borlaff of the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC).

The resulting picture looks a bit odd compared to the original composite, but it is easier to see new light sources that are scattered from what was previously black. These new "ultra-deep" images depict objects that are more distant from near galaxies in the foreground, and dated about 13.2 billion years ago.

The pipeline that the team used to detect hidden light sources could potentially be used with other space imagery and learn more about what's behind.

Image source: A. S. BORLAFF ET AL.

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