Thursday , January 21 2021

Snapchat is launching another aging AR lens to lure people back into the app

Snapchat's latest augmented reality filter plan takes users on an aging journey where they can use the slider to start converting from a child to an elderly person. This is to massage the success the company had in its original baby lens in May this year with an aging filter, in line with FaceApp's filter, allowing users to grow old quickly. The lens is starting to evolve globally today and will be available with a nursery of users at the bottom of their camera interface. Although Snap pays the makers to build an AR lens for their platform, this Snap lens is original, meaning it was built by an internal team. It seems to be primed to run the virus both on and off the platform.

When Snap's Baby Filter launched a virus this spring, it repeatedly appeared on other platforms, such as Instagram. Still, the company said in its revenue for the second quarter of 2019 that 7 to 9 million of its newest users came to the platform because of its AR filters, including its surrogate gender. It’s easy to imagine that the company wants another viral success to increase that number again.

While Snap would probably want people to post to Snapchat, it's not a terrible loss for people to just be able to come to the app for its AR technology – nobody does this on Instagram. Instagram filters are mainly focused on making people look warmer or helping them express emotions rather than performing crazy tricks. Even the Snap filter advertisement I embedded above gives people seemingly ideas on how to use the filter as a TikTok meme, syncing the lens to music for comic effect. It suggests to me the tacit admission that people use Snap lenses outside of the app, and that's okay.

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