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SPF for all! These are the creams that you need this season

365. This is the number you need to remember when you are thinking of sunscreen because you have to spend so many days of the year. Yes, every day, no exceptions. Rain, storm, clouds, sun … it does not matter, believe it or not, time and sunscreen are not connected at all. UVA and UVB rays – dangerous beams that cause wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots to skin cancer – come from the sun, yes, but clouds, rain, snow and windows do not prevent them from coming to our skin. These rays are strong and capable not only cause visible damage to our skin but also deep into the DNA of our cells, and then, my friends, when we are in distress.

Since I found out the importance of wearing sunscreen every day in my life, she has basically become my religion, and I always talk to my friends – and even to people I do not know – why it's important to join me on this trip. Today these people are you! Although sunscreen is a year-round thing, we need to be even more cautious during the summer because the days are longer, the sun is stronger and it is easier to spend more time outdoors so I made a small splash of SPF stocks for the season!

COSRX Shield Fit Duo

COSRX is the main feature for all K-beauty lovers, and these sunscreens are no exception. The Shield Fit Essential Sun® Sun works not only as a sunscreen, but also as an essence, providing you with additional hydration thanks to a 60% slurry and moisture complex filter in the formula. If you are more on dry skin, this is your choice. On the other hand, if your skin is sensitive or reactive, All Green Comfort Sun will be your friend. Formulated with the extract of asiatica and artemisia, this physical sunscreen helps to calm your skin and keep it colder, while at the same time preventing harmful substances from sticking to your skin and clearing it from the inside.


Neogen Day-Light Protection

Love lover for skin care with reason. This sunscreen not only smells on the paradise – and no, I do not mean the scent of coconut sunscreen, but the citrus-but also your skin feels incredible, almost like applying a lotion instead of sunscreen. Ideal for those with a dry or delicate body, this offers a light but powerful hydration of rose and raspberry extract. The best part? She does not leave a white dagger and does miracles with makeup. Some even use it as a novice!


Make P: rem blue sun gel

That's it! This is the sunscreen you need if you think sunscreen is unpleasant or simply not for you. Its formula is so incredibly beautiful on your skin that you will enjoy the moment in your routine when you can finally apply it. Yeah, that's good. Extremely light and easy to absorb, this sunscreen helps to suppress the damage caused by hot infrared waves and radiant cooling of the skin surface. The white actor you said? No, you will not get this from this. Ideal for all skin types, but especially for those with oily skin, this is a sunscreen you need to make sure sunscreen can feel good.


Suntique I'm CICA Sunstick

Applying makeup early in the morning and forgetting the rest of the day is just as bad as not wearing it at all. Sunscreen has only a few hours on our skin, and re-use is necessary to truly take advantage of the benefits. A great solution for re-use is Suntique Sunstick, which is, therefore, a sticky form of sunscreen. Filled with all the good ingredients such as centella asiatica (soothing, healing), bamboo leaves, rosemary and natural lemon grass oil, this sunscreen not only prevents UV rays from entering your skin but gives you additional hydration,


Missha all around the safe block

Another favorite for all good reasons. Ideal for those who swallow or engage in sports, this waterproof sunscreen does not look like a typical sports item you can find in a pharmacy. Almost as if she is applying milk to the skin, her texture is so light that you will enjoy applying it during the day. This sunscreen is also amazing for those with rosacea, as it helps keep your skin's temperature under control.

Missha US

Dr. Jart + Every sunny day of mild sun

Actually, I do not think there is anyone in this world who does not like Dr. Jarta's sunburn. Simple absorption, so light that you can barely notice that you carry something, and you hydrate that you will forget about dehydration, there is a reason why this is the best selling. Especially Sun Sun Blend is suitable for all skin types, but especially for those with sensitive skin, as formulated with an acne peptide that helps protect skin from external aggressors.


Supergoop Defense Refresh Spray for Rosemary SPF

Another great way to apply sunscreen again during the day? Dark! This Supergoop is undoubtedly the easiest way to keep your skin moisturised, SPF ready, and crunches all day thanks to its rich marrow antioxidants in its formula. But that's not it! Not only does it work as a sunscreen, but also as a spray application, so your makeup will stay longer!


Sun Pill ELROEL Pang Pang

How to apply a sunscreen again to the top of the makeup, are you wondering? If the fog is not your thing, then ELROEL's Pang Pang pillow will be your best friend. Touch your way to skin covered with SPF with this sunscreen formulated with purified water and aloe extract to soothe and soothe irritated skin. Six different types of tea extract that will cool your skin and five types of vital skin regeneration vitamins to gather to be protected from UV rays throughout the day.


Do you wear sunscreen everyday, Soompiers? What is your summer help?

Caromalis is K-pop, K-Fashion, and K-beauty obsessed creator and writer. You can find her in conversation with some of your (and her) favorite groups when visiting NYC, trying out the latest K-beauty trends, or trying out skin care routines. Regards Caro Instagram and Twitter!

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