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Started a job in South Texas to launch SpaceXa Business Projects

BROWNSVILLE – At the end of 2015, trucks began to roll, landing more than 300,000 cubic meters of local raw materials at the forthcoming SpaceX launch site where S.H. 4 dead at Boca Chica Beach in South Texas.

The technical term is "soil addition", the process of compression of the foundation soil to stabilize – in this case create the appropriate foundation for the launch of complex structures. This process is now complete, leading to artificial fodder that is leveled with earthy materials.

Once this happens, SpaceX will install a 95,000 gallon liquid tank and a 80,000 gallon metered tank that the company has been delivering over the past months. Tanks that are now stored in SpaceX control, a few miles west of launch, are used to support propulsion operations during the testing of spacecraft, starting in 2019.

In February, SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk said the tests at Boca Chica would be "short tramlines with the BFR airplane."

The BFR represents the Big Falcon Rocket, a fully reusable, two-seater car that consists of thrusters and spaceship. "Hopper Flights" refer to SpaceX Grasshopper's program of low altitude launch and landing tests of its Falcon 9 missiles in the McGregor test facility.

Musk has bankrupted on his biggest missile, Falcon Heavy, to move people to Mars, though the focus shifted to the development of a larger, stronger BFR for Mars flights – the ambitious goal that Musk had touched on the Boca Chica transfer ceremony in September 2014.

"It might be that the first person who goes to the other planet may depart from that place," he said.

Over the past two years, SpaceX, headquartered in the suburbs of Los Angeles, installed two giant antennas for the Earth station acquired from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and more than 600 kilowatt solar fields to power them. The antennas will be used to track Mission Crew Dragon missions to and from the International Space Station as well as flights that originate from Boca Chica.

"Continuous construction of our launch pad in South Texas is well advanced," said Sean Pitt spokesman. "SpaceX has now received the ultimate backup tank system that is needed to support the launch of the Great Spacecraft's initial test flights."

Musk initially estimated that the launch of the Boca Chica launch would take place in late 2016. The need for land reparation was delayed, but in September 2016, Falcon 9 rockets exploded during fuel testing in Cape Canaveral, destroying the SpaceX launch pad reconstruction.

The company made the first launch from the restored Launch Pad Complex 40 on December 15, 2017, an ISS mission, using the Falcon 9 missile and the unmanned captain. On February 6th, SpaceX had the first release of the rocket heavy rockets from Launch Pad 39a at Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral.

It's the same pill that Apollo 11 left on July 16, 1969, four days before Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon's surface. Last August, SpaceX fixed the track to Launch Pad 39, which NASA astronauts will use to receive Crew Dragon caps for missions in the ISS.

In 2014, NASA awarded SpaceX and Boeing contracts for astronaut ferry to and from space station. Four astronauts were selected for the inaugural mission of Crew Dragon Spacex Space, scheduled for April 2019. They will be the first people to be sent to space from American soil, since the 2011 Space Shuttle program has been abolished.

Moving the first mission of Crew Dragon into the universe will be the Falcon 9 missile, a tall 230 foot with a load of 25 tons in the orbit of Low Earth. Falcon Heavy is the same height but much more powerful with a LEO load of 70 tons. At a press conference after the February in Falcon Heavy launch, Musk said the mission's success convinced him of the feasibility of developing BFR.

The BFR would stand tall at 387 feet, a 180-foot spacecraft with a useful load of more than 110 tonnes. It's the missile that SpaceX plans to finally launch from Boca Chica, where salable searches of the BFR spacecraft are due to begin next year.

Gil Salinas, a member of the board of aviation and aerospace industry and former executive director of the Brownsville Economic Development Council, who worked closely with SpaceX during negotiations on the company's approach, admitted that his initial meeting with the Muscle in 2011 was fun – part of Mars, which Musk says to colonize in order to save mankind.

"When 2011 has returned our vision, it's just out there – where do we start?" He said.

Now that SpaceX has appeared in 70 launches and another 35 planned, every eye in the aviation industry is talking about what the company is doing in Cameron County, Salinas said.

"You can see that they are on the road to change the world, and that will do much," Salinas said.

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