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Super Bowl 2019 show in half: Prop bet suggests the song "SpongeBob SquarePants" that can be played by Maroon 5

We know that the winner will be when New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams fight in Super Bowl LIII, but what we do not know is whether it will be "Sweet Victory?"

Maroon 5 will be a headline in half, and this year's jackpot lets players gamble on whether the band will play the song "SpongeBob SquarePants" during their set on Sunday. There is a good reason to believe that this can actually happen, though it seems to be an absolutely meaningless bet. In fact, the betting odds are pretty tightly inclined towards & # 39; Yes & # 39;

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The song entered the popular culture when it was broadcast during the 2001 "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode, in which some of the characters performed at the halftime of Bubble Bowl, the premier football game designed to imitate Super Bowl. These episodes (and songs) have become cult in years afterwards.

Here's a look at the scene:

But, like many SpongeBob references, he recently gained popularity again and entered the memo culture thanks to the internet using it with mega hit Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode". As it happens, Scott will join Maroon 5 on the stage as a visiting performer at half-time.

Perhaps he would use the song while on stage?

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Although it's easy to connect, it's far from the only reason we believe we'll hear "Sweet Victory" in Atlanta.

There is a great demand for a song to play and more than a million … yes, ONE MILLION … people signed a petition asking for inclusion in the half-time list. Many of those who sign a petition want the song to serve as a gift to Bob Bob Stephen Hillenburg, who died last November from ALS.

"As some of you know or do not know, Stephen Hillenburg – the creator of SpongeBob Sqaurepants – has recently died," he says in a petition. "As a tribute to his legacy, his contribution to the generation of children, and a true account of the size of this song, we invite Sweet Victory to perform at the semi-final."

And there is more.

Rodger Bumpass, a loud actor behind SpongeBob's Squidward character, has announced he will record a "very short" piece for Super Bowl because Squidward will introduce a party in half. Interesting …

And, yes, there is more.

A few weeks ago, the official Twitter account of Maroon 5 released a video that was teasing their Super Bowl performance. In this smartly arranged video, there is one second of SpongeBob footage. No, it's not a "Sweet Victory" clip, but it's the only cartoon in a short video. Interesting …

(You can find the SpongeBob clip at 0:32.)

You've guessed, there's more.

Last December, just a few weeks after the death of Hillenborg, the official Twitter account for the Mercedes-Benz stadium – the home of this year's Super Bowl – shared this GIF.

Of course, Twitter GIF without any context can mean anything. But that can also mean everything.

That makes us look like Vegas. The question as to whether Maroon 5 play the song was included on the long list of pre-bets that each year are linked to the Super Bowl, and some more ridiculous than others. (Here you can find our guide for these bets.) From now on, Bovada quotes the odds as "Yes" on the minus-220, "No" on the plus-155.

So recap:

  • At first he played at faux-super bowl
  • It refers to guest performer Travis Scott
  • The worshiper demands Hilbert's tribute
  • Confirmed participation of Squidward
  • SpongeBob images used for teasing
  • They favor bookmakers

Yes, this is definitely happening. And yes, mayonnaise is instrument.

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