Monday , May 17 2021

The bee in Bullpen was postponed to the Angels-Rendezers

The bee took over the bullfight in a Sunday match between Angela and Rendez. The buzz reached the top in the fifth when Texas Kyle Bird was preparing to come to the bottom of the change, but eventually had to leave the place where it would heat elsewhere because the invasion of insects became so bad.

Angel Bowl Hansel Robles wandered in the best he could with the towels and tried to use the remaining pieces of fabric to hit everything he dared to approach. The officers just leveled up to escape, Playing had to be stopped for a few minutes to keep everything under control while bees decided to find their next place to be tortured. They will go to picking the left field offense.

Somewhere, Ned Yost smiles because the bee's bee did not end up with a vicious drum.

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