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The drift current area under the thunderstorm, as well as the hot heat

It will be another hot and humid day in the D.C. on Saturday, with the temperatures that will reach the mid-90s and the threat of sharp thunder storms that will occur in the afternoon.

It's another hot and humid day in the D.C. on Saturday, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s and threatening sharp storms in the afternoon.

Actually, Saturday will be the hottest day the region has so far seen in 2019, coming to the end of the week of a long hot wave east of the Rocky Mountains. On Saturday afternoon, the peak will be at 96 degrees, but the heat index will climb close to the 100 degree mark.

There are strong thunder clocks and warnings for most regions of the D.C. through the afternoon and the evening.


Northwestern Prince William County – till 19:30.


D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia – until 19 o'clock.

The heavy storm watch for parts of Maryland includes Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Carroll, Charles, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George and Baltimore City.

Local winds and winds would be the biggest threat in storms, NWS forecasters said, this afternoon to night. NBC Washington meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts believes someone is out there after 14 o'clock. she should look out for the sky.

It rang to about 16:20. in parts of North Virginia.

Prediction models suggest that the two regions of the storm could move through the D.C. region as early as mid-afternoon – was more scattered in nature and gave way to another, more rainy rain tonight.

"Another rain storm will be possible later this evening," the weather service said in his suboption. "Activity (if held together) this evening can be organized because it will be in a more favorable environment."

Most of the region should be dry until 19 o'clock. but areas in the north and east of D.C. they could see the rain and the storm in the late evening.

The humidity will begin to fall overnight in the clear sky.

Most of the region of D.C. he deals with hot temperatures over 90 degrees since Tuesday, with a short slip on Monday before he returned to the 1990s on Independence Day.

While the east coast is baking, Spain and France are facing the worst hot wave in more than a decade.

Temperatures in northeastern Spain, where wild fires, reached 106 degrees this week, while parts of Europe recorded their hottest temperatures in June due to the recent hot air moving north to Africa.


Saturday: Very hot and humid with a mixture of sun and clouds. Strong storms are possible in the afternoon and late in the evening. High temperatures in the mid 90's.

Sunday: Lower humidity and freshness, with the possibility of isolated storms. High temperatures in the Low of 90's.

Monday: Mostly sunny, low humidity with occasional falls of the 80s.

Tuesday: Hot and humid. There may be some storms. Highs in the mid 90s.

Wednesday: Very hot and humid. Possible afternoon storms are possible. Highs in the mid 90s.

Thursday, July 4thPartly sunny, hot and humid with possible afternoon and evening storms. Highs in the mid 90s.

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