Saturday , September 18 2021

There are no artificial ingredients in this DIY spicy pumpkin maker

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Creams for pumpkin health
Recipe courtesy: Cassie Dimmick, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

1.5 c. 1/2 and 1/2 (or other milk)
1/2 c. Pumpkin in jar
1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup
2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat. Beat together until heated and combined. Store in a jar for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. Shake well before each use. You can make the cream even sweeter by adding more maple syrup.

This recipe contains 1 to 2 grams of sugar per serving. When you buy a pumpkin spice milk, you can have up to 50 grams of sugar, which is more than double * of what you need for the whole day.

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