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These do-it-yourself costumes “Mamma Mia” will transport you directly to Kalokairi

Halloween is behind the corner, so here we are again with the annual fight of a unique idea in costume. Fortunately, the output of this year Mamma Mia! Here we go again he made the duffle suits and trousers cool again. Before the pressure to find a costume comes to you, you can always try these do-it-yourselfers Mamma Mia perfect costumes for a summer night on a Greek island (or, you know, your friend's Halloween party).

If you are in college or after a few years in your career, you may not have the budget to make money on an elaborate costume purchased in the store. Fortunately, we're in the Pinterest and YouTube tutorials, so if you want to be a Woman or a Dinamo, the Internet is your back in this Halloween season. Thanks to Mamma Mia! Here we go again bouncing back and forth between past and present, there are also more ABBA-tastic options than usual for solo or group costumes.

We still have a lot of time before the leaves turn orange and the spirit of Halloween has hit the air, but it's never too late to plan your costume on a T. Mamma Mia! soundtracks, pour a little ouzo and embrace your smart side, because you deserve to be the "Dancing Queen" of Halloween.

1Donna Sheridan's suit

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Whether you want the floral and youthful pattern of the Women's Dress of the 70s or the even more relaxed fit of the older women's suit, this is a custom idea that might not even require # 39; purchase of new items. If you're particularly trendy with your fashion trends, you probably already have a pair of suits, and if not, your mother or another older relative has definitely a couple of years' hidden in her closet. Once the suit has been secured, it is up to you to decide which type of shirt to wear underneath. A simple white t-shirt fits Meryl Streep's woman, while something boldly recalls Lily James's version of the character. Take a look at this page of the iconic sequel to Donna who is looking for more inspiration for the suit.

2Donna And The Dynamos Over the Years & 70s

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If you want to do the extra mile and embrace the very audacious look of Donna's women group as seen in Mamma Mia!, be my guest. But in case you and your friends are not reluctant to stick so much, the previous version of the band's costumes in Mamma Mia! Here we go again it is lower profile. The fashion of the 70s is back in fashion today, so it is not difficult to find a pair of cheap bell jeans. You can also buy a ruffled fabric to sew or fasten at the bottom of the pants. Find a golden fabric for the belts and track down the T-shirts and denim jackets. So, you can browse the most rudimentary naval corridor for materials to make your own microphones. For a more complex decomposition, read this checklist of the components of the dress.

3Sophie wedding dress

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Embracing your bridal side with Frankenstein is a gritty move for Halloween, but if you have a friend willing to play your brunette mom Donna in her wedding dress, playing the role of Sophie Mamma Mia! dress could work. We all have a white dress that does not have enough use, so why not ask a creative friend to help you add a little tulle to your dress and use any remaining fabric for a veil?

4All-White Ensemble by Ruby Sheridan

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The only thing better than pretending to be a young Meryl Streep / Lily James is pretending to be Cher. If distant Grandma Ruby Sheridan was your spirit of surprise parentage Mamma Mia! Here we go again, found a Marilyn Monroe wig soon. He wears a white blazer and wide-legged white pants before slapping a red killer lipstick. You will be ready to strap "Fernando" in no time.

6Crochet poncho older than Sophie

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Sophie's clothes are not as iconic as the cloaks of the other characters, but if you relate to her slightly irritated feelings Mamma Mia! sequel, wearing her colorful poncho / shawl / indeterminable piece of clothing is for you. If you have the same blonde locks as Amanda Seyfried, half of your work is already finished. Curl some of your hair before looking for the perfect top that looks totally like a return item for your mom to own something similar.

7The graduation suits for girls

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Bonus points if you and your friends have old graduation gowns around and you can wear them unzipped on your suits. Once again, the fabric of Donna and Dynamos's dresses is definitely years 70, but all that is old is new again. Even Young Woman, Tanya and Rosie wear the same material in different styles, so this allows you and your friends to choose the character whose taste speaks the most. It may take a while to find the exact fabric, but once you do, your costume is already nearing completion. Find some wigs similar to the ladies' hair if you're ready to engage and prepare a harmonized round of "When I kiss the teacher", just in case.

Good luck with your costumes, Dynamos! May your Halloweens be blessed with an ABBA karaoke session.

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