Monday , July 26 2021

This do-it-yourself drone is the perfect STEM learning project for this weekend

Now you can collect a basic drone for beer today. But why let the drone producers have all the fun? The Force Flyers Drone Building Block Drone allows you to build your stunt drone stabilized from the gyro from scratch. It's a fantastic project for every tinkerer, and the kids will gather some useful STEM skills. Right now, you can get the $ 42.99 kit at the PopSci store.

The Force Flyers quadcopter is based on simple building blocks. As a result, you do not have to pay anything or work with the live electrical system.

However, building your drone still requires a lot of science and fun. Just like a Lego kit, build your flyer piece by piece. Along the way, you learn about aerodynamics, weight distribution and other interesting things. Furthermore, you can experiment with different designs.

The finished drone has six-axis gyro stabilization and digital proportional control, making it perfect for pilots of all abilities. Expert flyers can even astonish the crowd by throwing 360-degree shots. The ABS parts are shock resistant and the kit includes many spare parts.

Normally $ 49.99, this do-it-yourself drone now costs only $ 42.99 with the included controller.

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