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This queen has just surprised the fans of the royal family with this fun do-it-yourself clip


We love this!

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of Denmark Queen Margrethe he has won our hearts with greater strength this adorable video! The film, officially shared by the Danish royal family, shows the monarch who is getting smart while modeling some animal hats with colored papers, before trying them gently at the end of the video. The film was published to celebrate a new exhibition at the Amalienborg Museum with the costumes and scenography of His Majesty, which will take place from 27 September to 19 May 2019.

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The queen has many artistic talents in addition to her royal duties

Entitled "The Adventure Queen", the installation will feature fabulous ballet figures such as Tommelise, Fyrtøjet and The Nutcracker, as well as sets for the Royal Theater and Pantomime Theater. The website of the Danish monarchy reads: "The general theme of the exhibition is the world of adventure and visitors, among other things, will have a vision of many visual sources that have inspired the Queen over time. His Majesty's study has been recreated, so that visitors can have a more in-depth view of the queen's artistic work ".

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"It is the Queen herself who together with the curator of the royal house, Elisabeth von Buchwald, and the stylist Shane Brox composed the exhibition", adds the note. Queen Margrethe is known for her artistic talents and since 2001 she has been the stage designer for the Pantomime Theater in Copenhagen. In the role, he designed costumes and sets for ballets in many productions, including The Nutcracker. She is also a talented illustrator and has even created drawings for the Danish edition of The Lord of the Rings.

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In 2007, one of the ballet composers with whom he worked previously, James Price, praised the Queen for her hard work and sober attitude. He said ABC Australia: "He came to rehearsals all the way towards the end, even remaining very late in the evening as a true professional who fits well into a team and is open to criticism".

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