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The weather forecast continues to look less than convenient for launching SpaceX's Falcon Heavy missiles on its first operational mission Tuesday, according to Air Force.

The conditions are only 30 percent "left" in 6:36 hours. launched from the 39A Kennedy Space Pad with the commercial satellite Arabsat 6A. Teams, however, can try to wait until the window closes at 8:35.

"Primary time problems include disturbance time, cloud anvil, cumulus and lightning rules," prognosticists predicted the 45th time squadron.

In case of a delay on Wednesday, the prognosis increases to 80 percent.

After launching, three rocket missiles will target landing – the two side amplifiers will automatically return to Cape Canaveral's Air Force station, while the central core will shoot somewhat longer and then land on Of course I still love you a ship of ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Dual landing will probably only be visible from the space bank, but the central core will return to Canaveral for processing a few days later.

The launch of the launch on Tuesday will mark the first operating flight of Falcon Heavy since the beginning of the demonstration in February 2018, which was overrun by Tesla Roadster and Starman to the deep universe. It is expected to go through the solar system for millions of years.

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SpaceX launched its Rocket Falcon Heavy from the Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, and lowered two side boosters to the Cape Canaveral Air Force.
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