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Today is Asteroid Day 2019. | The human world

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A space scene with many floating rocks illuminated by sunlight.

Image via Debbie Lewis.

The fifth annual International Asteroid Day is on Sunday, June 30, 2019. Acknowledgment by the United Nations marks the Day of the Asteroid for a global opportunity to raise awareness of the threats and capabilities of numerous rocky bodies that expand through space. The five-day broadcast – on asteroids and space themes – began on June 27 and is still ongoing today. This is the program schedule and the way of viewing, wherever they are.

The Central Day of the Asteroid this year is what is called a 100x declaration, calling for a 100-fold increase in discovering and tracking asteroids. Signed by more than 50,000 people around the world, the Declaration has decided to "address the greatest challenges of mankind to protect our families and the quality of life on Earth in the future." If you want to sign up, online declarations are here.

This year Asteroid events will focus on the role of asteroids in forming our solar system and advancing in technology to better detect, track and analyze asteroids, and re-examine our ability to reject a retarded asteroid to Earth.

A handful of children and teenagers in a logo shirt looks in a tall, well-lit room.

Image via Asteroid Day.

Events on the day of the asteroid range from asteroid quizzes at a Dublin bar, to a high-level discussion on politics and programs at the National Museum of Air and Space in Washington, DC. Review a list of events around the world. To find the event near Asteroid nearby, scroll to the middle of the page and enter your location.

The new Asteroid Day 2019 is Asteroid Day TV. Learn more and follow the action by visiting the Asteroid Day, YouTube Channel or Web site Twitter.

A white smoke trace illuminates above the naked trees in the snowy landscape.

Early in the morning of February 15, 2013, the small, unknown unknown asteroid entered the Earth's atmosphere at 37,280 miles per hour (66,000 km / h) and exploded high above Chelyabinsk, Russia, with 20-30 times the atomic bomb energy at Hiroshima. , Photo by Alex Alishevskikh / Flickr.

The asteroid day is held at the anniversary of the asteroid's most influential influence in the recent Earth History – an event that occurred on June 30, 1908, known as the Tungus explosion, when a small asteroid hit the Earth via Tungus in Siberia. Here is the Asteroid Day premise, according to co-founder Brian May, astrophysicist, guitarist and songwriter of the Queen band:

Our goal is to dedicate one day to learning about asteroids, the origins of our universe, and to support the resources needed to watch, track, and turn dangerous asteroids from Earth's orbital trajectory. Asteroids are a natural disaster we know to prevent.

Asteroid Day story

Follow the news and updates for the asteroids AsteroidWatch on Twitter.

Conclusion: The International Asteroid Day 2019 is happening on Sunday, June 30th.

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