Top-10 Free Linebackers Agents in 2019 | NFL analysis

Top 10 Free Linebackers Agents in 2019

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January 30, 2019

September 16, 2018; Tampa, FL, USA; Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks (58) celebrates taking over fumble recovery from Tampa Bay Buccaneers Broadway receiver Mike Evans (13) during the second half at Raymond James. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA DANAS Sport

The 2019 free linebacker lineup includes some real nails at the top with a strong talent for depth down to the bottom. Every team wants a trusted leader in the center of defense, and shooting at some of the guys who only saw limited action in their careers could prove a valuable move for the future. These teams will have to choose between the pool linebackers, all of which have somehow glittered.

That being said, here are our top-linebackers in a free agency:

Top-10 Free Linebackers Agents in 2019 | NFL analysis

1. Jordan Hicks

Having missed most of the 2017 season with Ahil's injury, Hicks made great - and perhaps unexpected - steps in many aspects of 2018. defense level (10th), and only five seats are missing throughout the season. As a result, Hicks for the second time in his career announced his rating north of 80.0, and his ascending path makes him a tempting option at the free agency.

Top-10 Free Linebackers Agents in 2019 | NFL analysis

2. C. J. Mosley

When the Baltimore Ravens compiled Mosley, they imagined him coming in for Ray Lewis. Although Mosley did not fully respond to Lewis's ratings of 80.0 and over in the first four seasons, he continued to be a consistent leader of the well-known defender Gavrana. In each of its four years it has been ranked among the top 35 in the percentage of running, including the top 10.6 percent in the 2018 career. upon arrival (9.3) and yard after catch (190). If you do not get a big deal in Baltimore, the other team will surely be willing to go out of the game.

3. Anthony Barr

In addition to the horrific performance at Los Angeles Rams, where he released three touchdowns in coverage, Barr proved he could leverage any place on the ground in 2018. pressures on only 94 fractures. Whoever Barr arrives, he will also get someone who can cover well in the middle of the field. The three touchdowns that allowed rabbits were shed all year round and had 73.3 percent catch (20) coverage.

Top-10 Free Linebackers Agents in 2019 | NFL analysis

4. K.J. Wright

Wright is perhaps the most interesting player on this list, simply because he did not have a bad season in eight years with Seattle Seahawks. Without seasonal ratings below 65.0, Wright's consistency points out in the best possible way. Wright never had more than three penalties in the season and had only two-character missed matches in one. Despite the lack of much of the 2018 injury, the choice for the fourth round of 2011 could easily be found in the midst of one's defense in 2019.

5. Kwon Alexander

The former LSU product goes to a free agency, which makes it worth a look despite limited production. Alexander missed the time in 2018 for injury, so what the team can do is likely to be judged on the basis of previous production. His past has many positive results, including 11 combined rumors in 2015 and 2016, three interruptions and not allowing touchdowns in 2017, and two-time pressures in the first three years in the league. It's clear that there are tools for success at NFL level, it's just a matter of making them all together a solid season.

6. Mychal Kendricks

Kendricks was once one of the top five players in the NFL, but a sharp drop in overall score, followed by steady growth, gives the second round a major advantage in the NFL. His style of play brought him five pairs (t-5), 40 stoppages (t-28) and a total of 82.0 (9th) in 2017. With his last full season of football, Kendricks has a strong resume. Field issues in 2018 can prevent a team from killing him in the near future.

7. Denzel Perryman

Luckily for Perryman, a career in Los Angeles Chargers has enriched two incredible years - one promising startling campaign and another strong season in 2018. Perryman has only surpassed 400 shots a season, but is upside down for a team that needs a depth at the linebacker position. It allowed the 12th best catch rate (70.8%) to cover this year among linebackers and collected 22 stops at just 386 shots.

8. Deone Bucannon

With five seasons under his belt, Bucannon still has to find his place. His countdown fell in each of the last four seasons, and the overall ratings followed. Despite the fact that in 2018 it covered 14.5 yard per catch, there were several bright spots. He missed only four races in the regular season, and he also posted seven pressures on only 29 hits. With these words, Bucannon is probably a depth player for the one who kidnaps him in a free agency.

9. Jake Ryan

Ryan missed the whole of 2018, so his market value was based on only three years of production - and showed improvement in each of them. In 2017, on the road to earning a strong overall rating of 75.7 (15th), Ryan had the fourth best pass rating (85.6), 25th best score (68.9) and 30th best defense (72.9). This versatile ability and subtlety make it a low-risk option for the team that needs linebackers.

10. Preston Brown

Rounding up the list is Brown, who joined Bengals for a one-year contract before the 2018 season. Unfortunately for Browne, having played 1000-plus recordings in four seasons with Buffalo Bills, the injury wreck was finally dropped because he missed nine games. Overall rating of 55.8 in the shortest career season means that he will have to prove he still deserves a sensible playing time in 2019.

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