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Updates: Great snowy winds possible at night, wind advising

A group from the Trinity Preservatory School in Montgomery, Ala., Runs the Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday as moderate to heavy snowfalls across the Washington region. (Photo: Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

* Wind consulting 9:00 to 18:00 Ventilation consulting tonight Closing the school and postponing | Total amount of snow from National Weather Service *

10:40 – Take care of the mornings of snowy winds with strong winds

Radar and short range models point to the possibility that snowy clouds leave the region around the clock for lunch. These snow bends can sharply reduce visibility, lower temperatures and result in some smooth spots. In addition, almost as summer storms can be accompanied by strong winds, more than 30 km / h.

Already a snow warning is triggered by the National Weather Service west of Frederick, from 11:15 pm, including Martinsburg and Hagerstown.

The weather service described a "dangerous" snow that would lead to poor visibility – with wind chills at 30 mph. He warned: "For those driving the Interstate Highway 68 and other high-speed highways in the warning area, this is especially dangerous because visibility will fall rapidly and the sidewalk can quickly become frozen by a small amount of snow accumulation."

7:30 – Be careful when walking and driving on untreated surfaces this morning

Walk and drive cautiously this morning. Numerous ice spots have been reported, mostly north and west of D.C. Take special care with the ramps, bridges and overpasses, and walk along the sidewalks and approaches. The winds are currently in the light of temperatures in the 20s. but in the afternoon it will become tasty. The best chances of snowfall are around 11 to 15 o'clock, with short noticeable visibility and smooth smooth road conditions.

Detailed forecast of 5 hours.


Something subjective rating of day time, on a scale from 0 to 10.

2/10: Highs in the upper 20s to mid 30's are not that bad, right? But the lavish afternoon winds add cool cold, with perhaps a few snowy spells to adjust the mood.


Today: Cold and windy, several snowy streams? Most: Upper 20s to mid 30s (wind chill: teens to 20s).

Tonight: Bitter cold. Lows: Close to 0 to 10 (winds: near below zero),

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny, cold. Most: Low-to-mid 20s (winding: from zero to teenager).

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So this is fun, is not it? Today, it is not a crazy cold temperature, but it has cold chilly as the winds are getting cheerful, not to mention the chance for a few snowflakes. The worst of this cold explosion comes tomorrow night with one-dimensional low and weak wind (at least we do not see minus 50 winds like Chicago). Trends on Friday are slightly warmer, but with another chance of light snow before a significant warming trend this weekend.

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Today (Wednesday): A true bitter blow is not here yet. However, it is still a cold winter day with morning temperatures rising in and through the twenties – keep in mind the ice spots – and the afternoon rises in the upper 20s to the mid-30s. The winds are turning to the afternoon, in the west-southwest direction, which drops close to 45 miles per hour, and windmills are held in teenage years. Partly cloudy skies mostly cloudy late in the morning in the afternoon, when several snowy spells could turn off a quick coating in places. presumption: Medium high

Tonight: The winds should be from northwest to evening, while the freshness would remain as the heavens turned mostly bright. Gorgeous cold and dry air spills when evening temperatures fall like rocks during the 20s and teenagers. Most places should see drops in single digits, perhaps even zero in our coolest northern and western suburbs, perhaps up to 10 degrees in the center of the city. The winds are shrinking overnight, but it is still just a breeze that produces windmills close to or below zero. confidence: high

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Tomorrow (Thursday): Again, we have a lot of delays in the school, and maybe some delays, as morning temperatures go through singles and teens. Relatively light breeze, about 10 km / h from the west, it is enough to keep cold winds in single digits below the zero in the morning. Low-to-mid 20s is the best we can do for afternoon highs despite the mostly sunny skies, with lingering breeze keeping the wind quakes in young and single-digit. confidence: Medium high

Tomorrow night: Increased clouds should prevent us from becoming as cold as tonight. But we are still talking about very cool falls in the range of 10 to 20 degrees. The winds should be very light, but even a slight breeze can push cold winds to individual digits outside the city. confidence: Medium high

Look forward

Friday the sky is mostly blurred as a little energy approaches the west, possibly creating a milder period of light snow. If there is any accumulation, it should not be more than a centimeter peeling as it looks now. Still, everything that falls will hold, with highs in the mid 20s to the low 30s. Partly cloudy skies during the night. confidence: Low-medium

Domains high pressure Saturday on Saturday night, partly in the clear skies and weak winds. Most Saturdays should reach in the mid-30s to the low 40s, before Saturday nightfall in the 20s. Sunday should continue partly on mostly sunny with warmer heights in the 40s to near 50's. confidence: Medium high


Daily potential assessment for at least 1 inch snow in the next week, on a scale of 0-10.

3/10 (): Today there are several snowflakes, and maybe a bit of light snow on Friday. At this point, it seems that none of them has much more than the coating potential.

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