Friday , June 18 2021

Wavetable: how to build a whole track with the new Live synth

By day, Simon Stokes is a certified Ableton trainer at Shoogle Studios, a respected electronic music school in Glasgow, Scotland. At night, he performs as Petrichor, releasing the influential label Soma Records. The combination makes it perfectly qualified to push Live's new Wavetable synth to its limits.

Stokes often faces the challenge of creating a whole track with only one synth or sound or sample – a restriction strategy that eventually pays dividends to master particular musical production tools. In the video below, next to Nick Batt of Sonic State, Stokes builds a Petrichor-style techno track from scratch – including drum, bass, pad and everything else – using only Wavetable instances. In the process, they dive into the deep sound design potential of wavetable synthesis and demonstrate how Wavetable can be used to create virtually any sound.

For some bonus materials, Stokes evokes an evolving pinch synth with another instance of Wavetable and two devices from the Creative Extensions collection: Melodic Steps and Gated Delay.

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