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Who will strengthen Bengals with A.J. Are you green out? – Cincinnati Bengals Blog

CINCINNATI – The Bengali have some big boot shoes on Sunday afternoon.

Broad receiver A.J. Green expects at least two fist injuries, leaving an open hole for Tyler Eifert, Tyler Kroft and Giovane Bernard missing. Bengali has no choice but to preach "the next man".

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"It's kind of like a broken track for you, I'm sure, but I told the next man because, I suppose, the start of the season when we lost four of our arms," ​​CJ Uzomah said. , "This is the next man … and someone like Auden Tate will have to strengthen for us and make the games and we expect him to be." It obviously puts us under pressure as individuals because we know what brings it to the table because AJ Green. The Word is what we call it. We know we have to go there and execute, and we can not let it stop our work. "

But who exactly is the next man?

Green's No. 1 role will pass Tyler Boyd, who actually leads the team in the reception (Green leads to yards and touchdowns). Probably Boyd will get more coverage from the team as Green comes out and he expects that will be the case, perhaps not at every game.

"I do not think all players play because they play a bit, but it just depends on how the game is going," Boyd said. "I feel like everyone is doing what they expect, but I think I'll see a lot more, but if we pretend to be a transgression, I think that they will move away from it and just try to play our work as a whole."

Boyd has played his role so far, but after that, the rest of the group leaves much to be desired and needs to be greatly enhanced.

"I still feel comfortable, though A.J. is down but still hurts like a team," Boyd said. "We just need the boys to pick up and boot their shoes and keep a smile on their face to show that we have guys who can help him and do the job."

This is not what the Bengals imagined back in their training when they parted with veteran Brandon LaFell. It did not seem that LaFell was more needed for the young, promising groups of receivers. None of these receivers did much of that time.

It seems Tyler Boyd's first choice to fill in the gap between A.J. Green, but how much additional coverage will it see? Scott Cunningham / Getty Images

Alex Erickson, Cody Core, Josh Malone and John Ross combined 19 payouts, 135 yards and two touch points. Malone has become a curious idea after last year's fourth round.

Asked if he was expecting more from that group, Bengali coach Marvin Lewis focused on Ross, who had been injured by a stroke that had kept him since the beginning of October.

"John did good things when he was there and healthy," Lewis said. "We just have to go ahead and the other guys have to keep playing while they get the chance."

Ross sometimes sparked a promise in the field, but he was not consistent and appeared on the Panter's third-week lead in a cross-over game. Core has only three catches in the last two seasons, and dropped the passage that hit him in third place against Steelers in the 6th week.

Certainly there is no clear rescuer on the list, but if someone needs to get behind Boyd, that's Ross, whose speed can add another element to the offense that heavily depended on Green since it was selected in the first round of the 2011 draft. Bengals are 4-7-1, including play-offs, when Green came out for the match, which most often occurred when in 2016 he lost his hockey just a few games in the match against Bills.

Green missed seven games in that season, including the Bills game, and the team went 3-4 in his absence, losing several close, low points. The criminal offense, led by Ken Zampese, had an average of 380.8 meters per game that year and only 326.3 meters per game without him. It has come in a large number of wins against the Eagles (32 points, 412 million meters), Browns (23 points, 360 meters) and Ravens (27 points, 371 meters).

If there is one positive for Bengal, it is that the Defense of the Saints' Defense is almost as bad as their own. The Saints have the best defense in the league, but their defensive duty is 31st and allows for 311.4 meters per game. New Orleans has recently traded for cornerback Eli Apple to try to solve some of the woes in the secondary.

"They're a big, tough team," said Uzomah, who watched the Saints win against Rams last week. "It was a good game, I think the Rams had that false pole that put them behind the eight balls, but I thought they were capable of doing the offense, somehow using them somewhat in the deep end … I was impressed but I've also seen a little weakness. Things we can use, I'd say. I do not think weakness is the right word, but things that we will be able to use come on Sunday. "

Boyd added, "I do not think their return is super unstoppable, they have great guys there, but … they have a great drive, as long as we can set up some kind of racing game, get three pops, four yards are good with us, we'll all open on the back. Linebackers come up in the action every time we have windows and throws … At the end of the day we just try to play every game. "

Bengali believes they can find a way to get a lot of points this week as they get. But without their biggest weapon, that would be a great task.

"You lose the best player in our team," defense Andy Dalton said. "From the very beginning, you never want this to happen." The covers can be different because it's not out there. We'll have to see the plan, and which teams are now working with it, not there, and we will have to adjust. "

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