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WWE WrestleMania 35 Live results


In this historic night, Becky, Charlotte and Ronda will be the main event!

Matt Fowler

Are you ready for hours and hours of wrestling because … it's WrestleMania 35 times!

He is still moving away from Bret Harta who is attacked by "overwhelming admirer" (WWE's words, not mine) at the Hall of Fame Ceremony? He still shivered from the excessive Enzo who crushed the ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard in the garden? Well, we still have sixteen matches that need to be rebuilt. Two of them on Battle Royals. One of them SNL members appeared in it. We're not out of the wood yet!

At least, Mania 35 falls exactly between the finals and the dead & # 39; and the premiere of the game of the throne, because I remember when, many years ago, it all happened the same night. That was not ideal. This year, Mania is free and clear and ready to serve an overly overcrowded card. But there is also a silver lining: Kofi Kingston got a chance to win the WWE championship, Seth Rollins could crash Brock Lesnar and go out as Universal Champion, and "The Man" Becky Lynch is ready and ready to cross Ronda Rousey and Charlotte to bring her both Women's Women's Title – In a Game That Will Make History Going To The Last!

Stick to this page all night for the latest results and follow me @TheMattFowler for the bonbon / extravaganza live. Remember, people, this is LOT. It's okay to get up and occasionally stretch, feverishly go around the perimeter, call the former, start the oil on the canvas, what you are. Self-help like MF *

Matt Fowler

WWE Champion in Heavy Weights Buddy Murphy vs. Tony Nese (Kickoff Match)


Two equally answered 205 living characters who went to war here, in the "mostly empty stadium" at Kickoff Show.

He worked hard, well received by the smaller crowd in his hand (which is still fairly decent), and – well – exactly where there should be 205 matches. Which is sad. Now-ish. It's still a major division I think of "Buddy Murphy's Playground". In that regard, I never thought that one of the 205 monks, one of the guys who were near from the very beginning, would be the one who would destroy it. But also, that's WrestleMania. That's when the headlines like this change. So is, surprisingly, a new champion.

Side Quest: The volume on the monitors in the press box was super low so I basically watched this match on the ninth.

Winner and New Champion WWE Cruiserweight: Tony Nese

WrestleMania Royal Battle


It was "Since Moolah was a problem, this royal battle will be forever unrecorded."

Hey, Emma Moon is back!

And Kairi Sane is also in this. And Riott's team had to look strong like a trio! And then Dana Brooke had some cool eliminations. The fun of Battle Royal all in all, but it felt super fast and, well, much less important this year. It seemed to be all down to Asuka versus Sony and Sarah Logan, which is very similar to the game that would be on the main Mania card that they did not decide to take off the strap from Asuke on SmackDown a few weeks ago,

Carmella eventually sank and pulled out Sarah Logan when it seemed that Sarah had won and won, but since the audience was not so great that Carmella had won, she felt as though Sarah was supposed to win – because the crowd was out there huge for that great surprise. And she looked so happy!

Also, did Carmella win over here because ROH had caused a storm with Enzo and Cass before last night? Like shootings?

Winner: Carmella

Raw Tag Team Champions Revival against Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

20190404_WM_RAW_Tag - 4d3b4815391e95d285921f658229a560

Adding a card at the last moment, which at this time – why not? You could also get Raw's champion for good measure. It's just the start of the Kickoff Show Time. What's not real-time. The match lasted longer than I thought it would be, and Ryder and Hawkins looked pretty good. The question when it comes to the underdog underlined games, especially those with Ryder in them, is "do we have a smaller win for a big shock Mania pop?" Also, what is Revival's current position in the company? Rumors turned out to be, despite being champions, still unhappy. What does it mean …

… Hawkins for all the victory. Yup.

Do Wilder and Dawson get their belts tomorrow night? To finish Ryder's curse?

Winners and new teammates of Raw Tags: Ryder and Hawkins

Royal royal monument


Ha ha, we here in the press box lost it when Che and Jost (who got their big entrance) tried to eliminate (newbie) Braun Strowman and then Strowman tossed Jost's therapist (who had, with suspicious haircut. ). LOSE. So funny. In full disclosure, we were leaning for Jost. But now Braun can pull around that big statue of Andrea.

It's nice to see Luke Harper (a suplex place with Ali from the rings was nasty), Hardys and a few others in this mushroom pie have some nice moments. All in all, nothing of this matter was important, but everything was in place with its own silence. And Braun hurling Jost over the top in all these dudes will get a lot of main stream coverage.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins


So Alex came out. He fired his finger and Hulk Hogan came out (he would have liked Thanos snap, tbh), and then Heyman came out and said that if Brock did not go last, he had to go first. Yes, the Universal Championship match opened.

AND WE HAVE A NEW UNIVERSAL PRESS! Brock waved Seth for a few minutes, throwing him around the ring like a puppet, and then a blow, a low blow, and three Curb Stomps later, and Seth taking red gold! One happy end … can we get two more?

A smart clever move to put this in the first place.

The winner and the new universal champion: Seth Rollins

Randy Orton


First, I knew I could go out of the box to get coffee when Randy went to the ring and went back before he got there.

Second, this was pretty good. And they're well matched with the early ones. Also, Randy Orton was the most lively and most interesting match I've ever seen for a while. I feel like these two were very excited about separating each other in Mania. Considering that some other major stories were intricate, this was pretty simple and cool. I'm not even an Orton fan (like, at all), but those guys spit cracking comments and back in the last few weeks they were terrible.

Nice move halfway, when Styles predicted RKO would take off its springboard. Then he was released by RKO. Eventually, Orton dropped to a phenomenal forearm after Styles threw another RKO's attempt. I suppose the story is that Randy did not rely so much on RKO, which he is done hit once, he could win.

Winner: AJ Styles

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Odos against Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. Bar against Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev


It is worth mentioning: These are all great teams, but the clear stars here are Ricochet and Aleister Black, who have been quite good at the top three in the last two months. No, not all, or most, NXT calls. And that's a freak. But I am happy that these two have clicked. And it was really great to see them getting a great "Mania Spotlight".

And so let's not forget about Bar, we got an incredible Giant Swing that lasted a few minutes while Sheamus hit 10 Beats Bodhrana on all other contestants.

In the end, Usos retained, making Ricochet and Black 0-3 with their recent title titles, but the game itself was more special to them. If they were not in it, it would either be either non-existent or would be quick.

Winners and still SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Uses

Shane McMahon and The Miz


It was a great drama led by George Mizanin, who was immediately shot by Shane in the dust, followed by Miz's overrun in the arena, where Shane got 10 minutes, which led to Shane winning by accident. An excellent combination of multiple sections with wild, but incredible components that Shana gives a wonderful win on the heels, while Mizu remains strong as a newborn.

Still, who really believes George would stay if Shane jumped from the top? None of us, that's who. The whole story is "My dad never loved me." And we still do not buy his "love". Because George is an awesome actor. After all, despite George and his "roasted potato potato", this radio was. And Miz is a nice step as a child's face.

Winner: Shane McMahon

WWE Women's Team Premiers Bayley and Sasha Banks against Beth Phoenix and Natalye against IIconic against Nia Jax & Tamina


Hahaha, Iiconicsi take it all!

It's not a smooth game, you know, more so than occasionally unkempt Four Corner Tag Matches can be but still pretty good. The Ionicians were defeated by Beth and Nattie, which is exactly how the Ionicians should win all their matches. Doubtful Sharpshooter, where Bayley prevented Sasha from pulling her hand by holding her hand, was also pretty damn great. I'd like to see how Sasha and Bayley can keep, but they will not win, I would not accept anyone except demon.

Winners and New WWE Women's Team Champions: Iiconics

WWE Champion "New" Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston



He also celebrated with his kids and there was a new shirt (which appeared at Shop Dot Com early and the guy broke the finish of LOL) and everyone popped (and cried) huge and that's all the wrestling should be. Superb match. Clean, good feeling. I wish they played "S.O.S." In the end, but unfortunately, there has always been a huge moment, and the loved ones have all shared.

I do not know how long Kofi will run with the title, because Daniel Bryan does great things with his fifth, but as long as it takes, I'll take it.

Does that mean we have to be more concerned / tired of Becky's chance of winning tonight? Since both Seth and Kofi have already won? Or they will get – sigh! – all three?

The winner and the new WWE champion: Kofi Kingston

American Champion Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio


Wow, that was fast. I understand, we have a lot more games to pass and just two hours (hopefully). Rey reportedly injured the ankle in the Raw group during the match of Baron Corbin. Frankly, I did not even catch most of this. Somehow it ended before I began to pay full attention. So … a good victory for Joe?

The winner, and still the champion of the United States: Samoa Joe

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre



Well, let's get back little now.

We all sat for a while. We had many emotional upsets. We had to get to the frightening "third-third" WrestleMania. But on the positive side, how this match was somehow meh-to-middling, I think we were all just happy to see Roman A: back, and B: they were not in the main event after they had expanded in the last four. Mania's major events because no one wanted him in the main event. I understand the need to win a Roman victory here, but I hoped Drew would cross over to give him additional pressure on the main event. He also collapsed at Roman's basic finish after he managed to beat Dean and Seth in similar far-off matches. [shrug]

MORE IMPORTANT, WILL YOU ME KILL WITH THE STUDENT THUGANOMICS SCHOOL JOHN CENA? A wonderful surprise. And a nice turn to "who would break Elias?" mystery. Because the real questions were, "Who?" and "From what time?"

Winner: Roman Reigns

Triple H vs. Batista (no restrictions with restrictions)



On the side, that was much better than I thought it would be. Still too long, and Batista stepping on the way to the ring was certainly not a good sign, but for these two guys, at this point, with Batista who did not fight in 5 years, that was amazingly wonderful.

Some big table and ring steps are here, and a little where Triple H pulls out the Batista nose ring (it's nice to pay for Cheek's face jewelry!), All of which led Ric Flair to help Hunter with the strike of Superman jumper! Nice work. We are still very tired.

Winner: Triple h

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin (farewell match Kurt Anglea)



To be clear, those "hahaha" were Joker "hahaha". Like, a reversal of madness. These were some stupid bulls ***. Nobody wanted that. Honor to Kurt put over Corbin, who no one wants to overthrow. But, gahhhh. Whatever. You're going back, is not it? Let's hope everyone is not very salty during the Becky match. At least afterwards, Kurt had said some nice words and left the arena for wailing and "You crap."

At least there is a baffler Bobby Lashley between this and a female match.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley vs. "Demon" Finn Bálor


My favorite thing at Demon Balor is that he has the same exact moves as the Original Recipe Balor, but he gets the win. Or, in this case, a little extra power that allows him to bomb Bobby Lashley after Cole swears: "There is no way Balor overcame Lashley!"

Good, fast fight with the pure victory of Demon of Bobby. There's not much to say here except BRING ON THE LADIES!

The winner and the new Intercontinental Champion: "Demon" Bobby Lashley

Raw Ronda Rousey's Women's Champion vs. SmackDown Women's Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch


Only Becky Lynch can make the STARTING AT MIDNIGHT match okay. And yes, I know it's 5 am in the UK.

ALL THREE, BAY BAY! Seth, Kofi and Becky.

It was a really stiff, rough and sharp match and I liked it. Charlotte came to the GD helicopter, Joan Jett played Ronda on the ring, and Becky came out looking for Dark Phoenix! Really great. Hard queens and slaps and strokes. These women punished one another and after about 20 minutes of hell (a man at New York City / New Jersey tables did not give it easy, did not he?) Becky concluded that Ronda held the cross. I do not know how many times he will win, or if unification, but it was unbelievable to see the "man" standing in the end.

Winner and New Champion in Raw And SmackDown: Becky Lynch

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